4 Reasons to Schedule a Consultation with a Johns Creek Cosmetic Dentist

Are in search of a new dentist? Are you seeking a dentist who is highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry? Or are you just looking for more answers to your oral health questions? It’s wonderful that you’re taking the health of your teeth and gums so seriously. A dental consultation will answer all your dental questions, put you at ease, and help you make decisions about potential dental procedures you may have done. Scheduling a consultation with your Johns Creek cosmetic dentist gives you the opportunity to find out what your teeth and gums really need.

1. You need a second opinion.

You’ve been told you need a major dental procedure, and you have questions: Do I really need this dental procedure? Is this the right cost? Will this repair finally fix my oral health problems? It’s not that you doubt your current dentist (or maybe you do), but you want further confirmation that this move is the right move. Scheduling a consultation for a second opinion will give you peace of mind before you embark on an invasive or costly dental treatment, whether restorative or cosmetic.

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 2. You want to look better and younger.

You’ve tried the diet, the moisturizers, the new clothes. But something is missing from your overall appearance to make you look pulled together. If you can’t identify the missing element, give some thought to the quality of your smile. Aesthetically, your teeth may be unsightly, but they could also be in such poor condition they do not function properly. Maybe all you need is a professional teeth-whitening treatment. Perhaps veneers are the answer to your flawless smile. Your Suwanee cosmetic dentist can help you determine the customized smile makeover that’s right for you.

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3. Get help for constant fatigue.

How can a cosmetic dentist help with exhaustion? Undiagnosed sleep apnea is a common problem that affects many people. Not only does this condition prevent you from getting adequate rest, it can damage your teeth as teeth grinding is often associated with obstructive sleep apnea. A customized mouth guard can alleviate sleep apnea and save your teeth and your health.

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4. It’s an information-only, no-pressure situation.

Your Johns Creek cosmetic dentist is not a salesperson. He is not trying to encourage you to buy, buy, buy. On the contrary, your cosmetic dentist doesn’t want to do anything to your teeth that does not enhance their health or appearance.

In general, cosmetic dentists are guided by their patients. You explain what’s bothering you about your smile, and your dentist takes it from there. If there is a pressing health issue that needs rapid treatment, you can expect to hear about that from your dentist, but otherwise, the decisions are up to you. If you’re dragging your feet about scheduling an appointment because you fear a hard sell – don’t. For the sake of your oral health and your self-confidence, take the time to put your needs first and see your Johns Creek dentist for more information about your teeth and gums.

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