Can’t Find Love? 4 Reasons You Might Need a Smile Makeover

Would you want to kiss someone with severely stained teeth or holes in their smile? It’s safe to say that someone’s attraction to you will be dulled if you’re sporting any of these unsightly issues yourself. While personality and sense of humor are critical areas where two people must gel, teeth are very important when it comes to finding love. If you’re unsuccessful in the dating game, you know something must change. Your teeth could be responsible for your troubles in love.

Not convinced that your teeth are the reason Cupid’s arrow has not found you? See if you fit into any of the following situations.

1. Online dating is a bust.

You spent hours crafting the perfectly worded profile. You have good intentions and are truly seeking someone to love. But not many people are contacting you. What photos are on your profile? Do you have closed-mouth grimaces that make you appear unfriendly, unapproachable, grumpy, or far too serious? If you’re trying to hide your smile, any potential matches will notice and wonder if you’re trying to hide anything else too. If you don’t have any photos on your profile at all because you’re ashamed of your smile, then you absolutely know what must be done: Smile makeover, it’s nice to meet you.

2. You’re getting out there, but no one is approaching you.

You might make every effort to get to the social places where you have new opportunities to meet potential matches. However, at these events you may be walking away without making any love connections. There could be many reasons: You’re so self-conscious about your smile that you don’t act like yourself, don’t laugh or speak up, or give off a vibe that you’re not interested or unapproachable. Or, your teeth may be so off-putting that people who may be interested in you change their mind when faced with what’s behind your smile.

3. You never have second dates.

Perhaps you’ve had plenty of first dates thanks to online dating, and plenty of first dates with people who seem like they are the right match for you on paper or behind a computer screen. In person, however, something goes awry. Is it because the chemistry isn’t there, or is it because they’re turned off by your smile? Your oral health can tank your first date so that a second never materializes. And if you edited your online dating photos to reflect a version of yourself that doesn’t match you in the flesh – meaning, for example, that you made your teeth whiter or straighter than they are – the deception is unlikely to go over well with a date.

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4. You don’t have a social life.

If you’re not a fan of online dating, the only other option for meeting a match is making yourself seen in person and engaging with others. Can’t imagine making this kind of move because of your broken-down smile? Then it’s time to make a change and pursue the porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign, or other cosmetic dentistry solutions that will give you a flawless smile.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, a smile makeover is appropriate for anyone who is dissatisfied with the condition of their smile. Don’t be afraid to make a date with your Johns Creek dentist. Dr. Patel has seen it all, and he is not here to judge you on your oral health. Our goal at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care is to help you achieve the smile makeover solution that will make your teeth and gums healthy and oh so lovable.

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