Celebrate the Holidays with a Johns Creek Smile Makeover

Whether it’s a holiday party, family get-together, or class reunion, your smile needs to be ready for some serious socializing come holiday time. Rely on cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or general dentistry measures from your Johns Creek dentist to correct or enhance your smile, or hide what you don’t love about your smile.

Get a Fast Smile Makeover

If there is one cosmetic dentistry treatment that makes your smile look different immediately, it’s professional teeth whitening. Even if your teeth aren’t in perfect alignment, if your smile is healthy, teeth whitening can improve your appearance tenfold. Plus, you can get this enhancement taken care of in about an hour.

Perhaps your smile is less than spectacular because you haven’t made time for your bi-annual dental visits. Getting a professional dental cleaning will spruce up your smile and make you feel like you’re flashing a clean and beautiful grin, no matter what holiday adventures await.

Conceal a Problem Tooth

If you are self-conscious about an unsightly tooth, seeing your Johns Creek dentist is important for two reasons. The appearance of this problem tooth can be corrected with dental intervention, but the tooth should also be examined for potentially serious oral health issues. Teeth that are damaged or compromised in some way are ripe for infection. The smallest cracks or breaks leave the tooth susceptible to bacteria build-up.

Porcelain crowns are often used to correct a damaged or problem tooth. Partial crowns may also be an option, often referred to as inlays or onlays. And, the best news is that these crowns can be made on-site when you visit a Johns Creek dentist who uses CEREC technology. Top-quality, custom-made restorations are created while you wait. Walk in with a problem tooth, walk out with a complete, beautiful smile.

Make the Tooth Pain Go Away

Sometimes it isn’t the appearance of your smile that is problematic, but the composition of it. Do you grind your teeth at night? Does this tension make you wake up with a headache nearly every day? Do you constantly feel pain in your jaw? If you are experiencing consistent discomfort, it’s essential to find out if your teeth are to blame.

A custom-made night guard can prevent sleep bruxism from occurring at all, eliminating the negative side effects that impact your well-being and the health of your teeth. If you have tooth pain, you know that it isn’t easy to live with, and this agony will absolutely impact your ability to have a good time during the holidays.

Don’t be distracted by your aesthetic or functional oral health problems. Your Suwanee-area dentist is ready to help you celebrate this time of year with a customized smile makeover, whatever your oral health complaint. Contact Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Johns Creek to make an appointment with Dr. Mitul Patel.

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