Find Love, Career, and Happiness in the New Year with a Smile Makeover

Trying to settle on a New Year’s resolution? Weight loss is a big one. Finding love is another. Just wanting to be happy seems to be on everyone’s list. Instead of trying to check off multiple boxes, and potentially falling short, consider this: A smile makeover will make you look better, younger, healthier, and smarter, plus it will boost your self-esteem. And when you feel great about yourself, you will naturally draw good things into your life.

The One-Procedure Smile Makeover

A new smile can take time and multiple procedures, or it can be created efficiently, depending on what you want and the condition of your oral health. If your teeth and gums are clean and healthy and you want a complete overhaul of your smile, porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Instead of orthodontics and teeth whitening and a few dental crowns, porcelain veneers can align crooked teeth, whiten discolored teeth, and correct damaged teeth all at the same time. The look will be a celeb-worthy smile that is flawless, natural-looking, and – without a doubt – will make you smile so much you can’t help but be happy. It usually takes only two visits to your cosmetic dentist to complete your treatment.

The Lickety-Split Smile Makeover

If you are the kind of person who wants results immediately, you need a smile makeover that is fast and effective. Professional teeth whitening fits this description. Even if your teeth are a little crooked or not so perfect, teeth whitening can brighten them up so dramatically that your smile will look more perfect than it really is.

The best part is that you can truly get a smile makeover on your lunch break with teeth whitening. The ZOOM! teeth whitening process takes about an hour. Your teeth and gums are protected, carefully treated, and the results are a big, white smile of happiness.

The Get-It-All-Right-Once-and-For-All Smile Makeover

Maybe you have been living with a broken-down smile for some time. Some teeth hurt, others are broken, they’re discolored, and just plain old. Naturally, age and use wear things down over time, including teeth. A full-scale smile makeover can involve several cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures to give you a complete smile.

You may need tooth-colored fillings to take care of decay. If you have missing teeth, dental implants or dental bridges and crowns can fill the holes. Lumineers or veneers can revitalize your smile. Whatever you include in your smile makeover, a better smile will give you the confidence to speak up professionally and socially. And being heard and being known and being remembered for a great smile will help you progress the way you want in your life.

No two smile makeovers are the same because your smile is unique to you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mitul Patel at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Johns Creek. Find out what procedures would be best for your wishes, budget, and resolutions. Don’t wait! The new year is right around the corner!

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