Make the Commitment: Get a Smile Makeover Before You Get Married

If you’re planning your wedding ceremony and reception and everything that surround it, your list is long and detailed. Certainly, self-improvement is right at the top of the list – you want to look amazing in your wedding photos, don’t you? Along with getting yourself a personal trainer and sticking to a diet, you can transform yourself permanently with a smile makeover. You’ll look amazing on your wedding day and happily ever after.

Quick Smile Makeovers for Brides and Grooms

Are you cutting it close and worrying that you won’t get everything done before the big day arrives? You still have time to do something about the teeth that are making you worry about the posterity of wedding photos. Sure, you could pay to have your wedding photographer do some careful editing, but why not just feel amazing and look amazing for real?

Some of the fastest and most effective cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening: Even if you’re getting married in just a few days, one hour at your Suwanee dentist’s office and your smile will be up to eight shades whiter. That smile will be competing for brightness with the wedding gown, whether you’re wearing it or marrying the person in it.
  • Cosmetic tooth bonding: One of the most underrated cosmetic dentistry procedures is tooth bonding. This fast and effective treatment corrects all the little flaws in your smile and it only takes about 30 minutes per tooth to get it done.

Take Your Time with Your Smile Makeover

If you’re a serious planner and you have months and months before you stand before your beloved and make your union legal, you have plenty of time to fit in some TLC for your smile. Here are a few dental treatments that take longer, but are certainly worth the wait:

  • Invisalign: When you have crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth, you dream of a straight smile. Invisalign braces are nearly invisible, so you can straighten your teeth without interrupting your engagement photos, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding dress shopping, venue perusing, or your joy of just being in love and on your way to wedded bliss.
  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers are the smile makeover of choice for people who want to conceal every flaw in their smile and look like a true celeb or VIP for their wedding day. Veneers only take a few visits to your Johns Creek dentist, but

If You’re Not Getting Married…

Maybe you’re a bridesmaid or a groomsman. Maybe you’re playing the field. Maybe you’re kind of in a relationship that’s kind of committed. Maybe you’re impatiently waiting for him to put a ring on it or for her to give you a sign that she will definitely say “yes.” No matter what’s happening in your love life, getting a new smile will help you find the love you want. How is that possible?

  • You’ll be more confident and self-assured when you know your teeth look great.
  • All your flirting will involve charming, attractive smiles.
  • Your dating profile photos will stand out for your infectious grin.
  • You’ll always be ready to pucker up for a kiss.

When you are ready to jump into love with both feet, when your self-confidence is off the charts, you’ll be at the front of the pack at your friend’s wedding so you can catch the bouquet or snag the garter out of the air.

Commit to the new you, whether you’re changing your last name or not. Schedule your appointment today at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, serving residents of Johns Creek, Duluth, Alpharetta, and Suwanee, to find out what cosmetic dentistry treatment is the best partner for you.

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