Professional Teeth Whitening vs At-Home Teeth Whitening

professional teeth whitening Suwanee GA At-home teeth whitening kits and products are still a profitable item on drug store shelves, promoting promises of whiter teeth in a short amount of time. However, these at home teeth whitening kits do not provide patients with the results that a professional teeth whitening treatment can provide. The level of whitening is greatly increased during in office whitening treatments because dentists are able to use professional strength whitening agents that deliver spectacular outcomes. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee, we are proud to offer our patients the most effective teeth whitening procedures available.

Despite the higher levels of whitening that are able to be achieved by a professional teeth whitening procedure, there are other benefits of an in-office treatment verses an at home one. Patients are able to see immediate results from an in office teeth whitening treatment, where they can expect to wait at least two to four weeks to notice a significant difference at home. Tooth sensitivity is almost virtually eliminated by having teeth whitened at a dentist’s office because of the precise application and monitored procedure. Tooth sensitivity is the number one complaint by those who have whitened their teeth at home, yet with professional applications it is no longer an issue. Professional teeth whitening treatments are able to tackle tough stains on the teeth that at home applications will not be able to whiten.

At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, we are proud to provide patients with professional teeth whitening procedures. While our first commitment is to the health of our patients’ smiles, we are also committed to making their smiles beautiful. Call today to schedule an appointment. Our dental practice is currently accepting new patients, and we would be honored to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve.

Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care
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