Is It Time to Upgrade Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Aging brings with it a host of unique challenges. While many of them are unwelcome, failing dental work can be especially upsetting. But know this: A deteriorating smile can be repaired with new cosmetic dentistry.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long ago you had your dental repairs. Now is the time for a new smile makeover so you can enjoy your life with a pain-free, beautiful, fully functional smile.

Common Complaints About Old Dental Work

Quality dental repairs can last for decades with the proper upkeep. However, the more birthdays you have, the more likely you are to need some touch-ups. Some of the most common complaints people have about old dental work include:

  • Displaced crown:

    The bonding material used to place a porcelain crown in place is powerful and long-lasting. Time does take a toll on even the strongest materials, and it is possible that you will one day have your crown lying in your hand instead of in place on your tooth. In some cases, the crown can be bonded back in place, but the best solution is to have your Johns Creek dentist recommend all possible options. You may need a new crown, or your problem might be solved with an onlay, which is a less-invasive and less costly repair.

  • Unsightly fillings:

    If you received a filling at a time long before white fillings were the norm, you’re probably living with amalgam fillings. Not only are these silver fillings unattractive, they are made with toxic mercury, which is bad for your entire well-being. Amalgam fillings make themselves known – if you throw your head back and laugh, every filling will be visible. Over time, the amalgam will discolor your tooth and even your gums. These fillings can be removed and replaced with safer, composite, tooth-colored fillings. No one will ever know that you needed a filling.

  • Ill-fitting dentures:

    For many people, dentures are the best way to replace missing teeth. However, dentures require daily upkeep and, with the passing of time, can begin to slip out of place or develop adhesive problems. When dentures become more troublesome than helpful, your dentist may recommend dental implants Implants stimulate the jawbone and serve as a post for a prosthetic tooth (or teeth), which are designed to look and feel completely natural. And, the best news, is that implants are permanent and secure. You won’t have to worry about them sliding out of place.

In some cases of failing cosmetic dentistry, the repairs may have initially been poorly done. When this is the case, it’s possible you may feel pain but not notice any disrepair. Insufficient bonding of a veneer or crown, for example, leaves room for bacteria to settle in. So even though your teeth might look great on the surface, you could be suffering from pain and decay behind the scenes. And this will become intolerable, and threaten your oral health.

Take Advantage of Dental Innovations with Cosmetic Dentistry Repairs

Do not suffer with any messy, inconvenient, or painful dental problem. Always contact your Johns Creek dentist immediately to get advice and care about your oral health and find out whether it qualifies as emergency dental care. Our office serves the areas of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, and the surrounding areas, and we do our very best to see you as quickly as possible to take care of the necessary repairs.

While it’s a pain to have to deal with a problem tooth or teeth, look at the bright side: Your old dental work may be failing you, but this is an opportunity to take advantage of dental innovations that can be less-invasive, less expensive, and longer-lasting. And that’s good for your teeth, wallet, and confidence. Contact Dr. Mitul Patel, Johns Creek cosmetic dentist, to schedule your appointment.

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