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Replace damaged or missing teeth with crowns and bridges

Porcelain crowns are an independent restorative dentistry solution. Dental bridges, however, work best when paired with crowns. Whatever type of repair you ultimately need for your oral health problem, both crowns and bridges provide a strong, long-lasting, natural-looking solution.

Porcelain crowns for damaged teeth

Porcelain crowns are a versatile restorative dentistry procedure and an effective cosmetic dentistry procedure. Crowns work in situations where teeth are compromised by damage or infection, and they also repair teeth that no longer look healthy or attractive.

Crowns may be referred to as the great cover-up solution, and rightfully so. When a tooth has been severely damaged, but you and your Hello Family Dental near Duluth, GA dentist will want to save your natural tooth if possible, a porcelain crown is bonded in place. Your smile is repaired by functionally and aesthetically.

Here are some examples of the flexible purpose of a porcelain crown:

  • If teeth are fractured, cracked, or chipped, crowns cover the compromised tooth and make it whole. Neighboring teeth are also protected from developing their own problems.
  • If teeth are weak and prone to breaking, crowns restore their strength and functionality, making eating and chewing easy.
  • If teeth are damaged by an infection, large areas of decay, or trauma, crowns hide any below-the-surface repairs that need to be done first (like a root canal) while restoring that tooth’s firm place in your smile.
  • If a tooth has a large cavity or extensive areas of decay, white fillings are the follow-up solution – porcelain crowns are the top repair for such a big repair.
  • If tooth structure has been lost because of age, poor oral health care, or damage, a crown takes the place of your original tooth enamel.
  • If a tooth is misshapen, a porcelain crown is customized to slip in place, hide the unsightliness, and restore your smile to its original glory.
  • If teeth are deeply discolored or stained below the surface of the enamel, teeth whitening is unlikely to help, but a porcelain crown can make your teeth white again.

Porcelain dental crowns restore a tooth to its original size and shape. The discomfort that comes from having a broken or endangered tooth is difficult to tolerate. Plus, a compromised tooth just looks different from the rest of your smile and easily affects your confidence.

A porcelain crown is designed to fit your smile exactly, and your natural tooth will be shaped to receive the crown so it fits snugly and comfortably.

A dental bridge for a missing tooth or teeth

Fixed dental bridges are a reliable and appealing solution for missing teeth. The bridge’s name is appropriate because the prosthetic used to repair your smile bridges the gap created between two teeth by a missing tooth or teeth. If the space between your teeth is not addressed sooner rather than later, and your jaw is left unstimulated by a missing tooth, your remaining teeth may move to fill in the hole. And then you will not only have a gap in your smile, the shape of your face will be affected too.

Dental bridges are unique because they work in tandem with porcelain crowns. The crowns serve as anchors bonded to the teeth on either side of the bridge, thereby holding the bridge securely in place. All three elements of the crown-bridge-crown solution fit together seamlessly to repair the gap in your smile that was left by a missing tooth or teeth.

A fixed bridge is attractive to Suwanee dental patients because they reduce the need for dentures. Even if you are missing more than one tooth, a bridge can serve as a permanent dental solution. The bridge doesn’t require special upkeep, just brushing and flossing daily as normal and visiting Hello Family Dental near Alpharetta, Georgia every six months for a dental exam and cleaning.

The CEREC difference

One of the most frustrating elements of restorative dentistry is waiting for your repairs to be completed. At Hello Family Dental, we are equipped with the CEREC solution. For many patients, this innovative CAD/CAM Ominicam system allows for the creation of top-quality, custom-made restorations on the premises, while you wait. Crowns and bridges can often be completed in just one visit to your Suwanee cosmetic dentist’s office.

The convenience of CEREC is appreciated by patients and dentists alike. As a dental innovation, CEREC allows us to provide our patients with greater accuracy in the fit and appearance of your dental restorations, whether a porcelain crown, dental bridge, or otherwise. Your long-lasting restoration will be less-invasive, require fewer dental visits, and involve less discomfort. Who doesn’t love efficiency and accuracy in dentistry?

Do you need a porcelain crown or fixed dental bridge?

Dr. Mitul Patel at Hello Family Dental, a premier cosmetic and family dental office in Suwanee, Georgia, located near Johns Creek will review every cosmetic and restorative dentistry option available to you during your consultation. Whether it is a porcelain crown, a dental bridge, dental implants, or dentures, you can be assured that your smile makeover will leave you with a complete, natural-looking smile.

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