Halloween Candy Buyback: Donate Your Haul for a Good Cause

It’s that time of year: Your sweet tooth says yes, but your real teeth say no. Divvy up the Halloween candy filling your home and donate it to a good cause. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Johns Creek, we will collect unopened candy on Monday, November 6, through Thursday, November 9, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. as part of our annual Halloween Candy Buyback. Candy will be sent to the troops who are serving our country through Operation Gratitude.

Smile and Do Good Deeds for Others

Most parents are always seeking ways to motivate their children to do good deeds for others. Through Operation Gratitude, parents give kids an opportunity to give up something near and dear to their hearts (that obnoxious amount of Halloween candy) to help someone else. Operation Gratitude’s candy “give-back” collection sends treats to the troops so they can enjoy a taste of this beloved American tradition even if they may be thousands of miles away.

We recommend talking to your kids about this candy buyback before Halloween. This conversation not only prepares them for the reality that they won’t be eating all that candy they collect on October 31, it gives them a goal to achieve. The more candy they collect, they more they can share, and that’s a great feeling. Along with this sweet donation, your kids can write letters to the troops who will receive the candy.

And, of course, some monetary incentive doesn’t hurt. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee, little ghosts and goblins will earn $1 per pound of candy donated, up to 5 pounds.

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Teaching Kids to Take Care of That Spooky Smile

The other major benefit of our Halloween Candy Buyback event is that it teaches kids to make their teeth a priority. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of candy every now and then, but a lot of candy eaten every day – especially without brushing and flossing – can lead to cavities and poor oral health.

Even if your kids donate a healthy amount of their Halloween haul, they still need to learn the importance of keeping their teeth and gums clean, especially if their favorite candies are the sticky, super-sugary ones. Cleaning your teeth with water isn’t enough, though that is a help temporarily when a toothbrush isn’t handy.

It’s also good for your kids to get used to seeing the dentist. Giving our dental family face time with your children when they aren’t only at our Johns Creek office for an appointment is a positive move. Sure, some kids might be disgruntled about handing over their hard-earned candy, but if you prep them for the event and explain the benefit of their generosity, they’ll see that dentists are a-ok, and it feels pretty good to do something wonderful for others.

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Sweet Family Dentistry in Johns Creek

So, to all our ghosts and goblins – and to all parents who don’t want to blow their diet by snacking on their kids’ Halloween stash – take advantage of Family & Cosmetic Dental Care’s annual Halloween Candy Buyback. You can keep teeth healthier, avoid the need for white fillings, and give our heroic armed forces a treat in the process.

Our Duluth-area family dentistry practice cares about you and your loved ones. Dr. Mitul Patel is ready to protect smiles from the cavity monster any time of year, not just at Halloween. Contact our Johns Creek dental office to learn more about the Halloween Candy Buyback, or to schedule an appointment.

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