What Kind of White Filling Do You Need?

Fillings have multiple uses. Not only are white fillings used to fix cavities, they also repair damaged teeth. White fillings come in several different forms, but the one that’s right for your oral health is up to your Johns Creek dentist.

Reasons Patients Need a White Filling

There are three main reasons patients need tooth-colored fillings:

  • You have a cavity. People don’t always know they have a cavity. Sure, there are those “Ouch, I’m in serious pain” kind of cavities, but there is also decay that your Suwanee dentist can identify at your regular dental exam and cleaning. These surface cavities are often easily repaired with a small composite or porcelain filling or a porcelain inlay.
  • You tooth is damaged. White fillings are an incredibly versatile restorative dentistry repair. Not only do they repair decayed teeth and safeguard against future decay, tooth-colored fillings also fix chipped or cracked teeth, whiten teeth, fill gapped teeth, and prevent deterioration.
  • You want to replace silver fillings. Silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, are an unsightly dental repair. Plus, they’re not good for your well-being. Silver fillings contain traces of mercury which, over time, will leach out of the fillings and into your system. Amalgam fillings are also prone to breaking since they react to heat and cold and can expand and crack your tooth.

When you have an option, always choose a white filling. They help your smile look beautiful since the filling is customized to blend in with your natural tooth color, and they’re incredibly strong.

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Types of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Several types of white dental fillings are available if you need tooth-colored cosmetic or restorative dental repair:

  • Composite fillings: Used for small or medium-sized cavities, composite fillings are incredibly strong, preserve the natural tooth, and are tinted to match your natural tooth enamel.
  • Porcelain fillings: Intended for large cavities or those on the tooth’s surface, porcelain fillings are tooth-colored, strong, impervious to stains, and resistant to wear.
  • Inlays and onlays: Inlays are used to repair the biting surface of the tooth, similar to white fillings. Onlays are also known as a partial crown because they cover the top of a problem tooth while also wrapping over one or more of the tooth’s cusps. With both inlays and onlays, the repair is tooth-colored and blends in with the rest of your teeth.

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Keep Up with Your Dental Needs

Fillings happen, and they’re nothing to be embarrassed about. If you’re keeping up with your regular visits to your Suwanee dentist for dental check-ups and cleanings, your dentist will notice any irregularities before they get out of hand. If you allow a damaged or decaying tooth to fester, it will only get worse. Time does not correct a dental problem – only dental intervention does. You’ll be happier getting a simple and non-invasive white filling than having your dental problem progress to a need for a tooth extraction or root canal.

Have questions about white fillings? Make your appointment with Dr. Mitul Patel and Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, serving Alpharetta, Suwanee, and Johns Creek, and get your dental health on the right track.

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