Signs You May Have a Cracked Tooth

There are certain dental emergencies that you understand to be obvious: a knocked out tooth, a tooth that has been pushed up into the gum line, or any injury that has a good deal of blood or pain involved. However, cracking a tooth is not always as obvious as one might think that it would be. Many people crack a tooth biting down on ice, hard candy, or popcorn kernels. Some crack a tooth from grinding their teeth at night or from clenching their jaws when they are under stress. While some realize right away they have a cracked tooth, many others are completely unaware of the damage to their tooth, which leaves them vulnerable.

Many people know that they have cracked a tooth as soon as it happens because they have bitten down on something hard and they feel pain immediately. This situation obviously needs immediate attention, and it is considered a dental emergency. The pressure of biting will cause the crack in the tooth to open, which causes extreme pain. While pain is an obvious sign of a cracked tooth, there are other signs as well:

• Sharp pain when biting down, but the pain quickly disappears when you separate your teeth.
• Pain or extreme sensitivity that occurs when eating or drinking.
• Pain that comes and goes but does not occur all the time.
• A visible line through the tooth
• Discoloration one a single tooth.

A cracked tooth is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Even cracks that are too small to see can open and irritate the pulp inside the tooth, causing excruciating pain. It is the exposure of this pulp that can cause the tooth to become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The pulp can also be damaged or diseased as the result of a cracked tooth, and a root canal is typically a necessary treatment in this case.

At Hello Family Dental, we provide excellent care to patients with a cracked tooth. We understand that this can be a painfully uncomfortable situation, and we do our part to alleviate your pain and restore the health of your tooth. If you have any discomfort inside your mouth, a visibly cracked tooth, or any other dental concern, please contact our dental practice right away.

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