Root Canal vs. Extraction: Set Yourself Up for Restorative Dentistry Success

Damaged or infected teeth will not heal themselves. Dragging your feet about having a Johns Creek dentist take care of your problem tooth can lead to bigger oral health problems, and a need for invasive treatment. If your pain and discomfort reaches the point where you must choose between a root canal and an extraction, it’s important to understand the differences between these solutions.

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Choosing Between Root Canal and Extraction

It’s not completely fair to compare root canals and extractions. In some situations, a patient has an infected tooth, but an x-ray cannot show just how badly infected it is. You may be partway through a root canal only for your dentist to discover that the tooth must be extracted to prevent future complications. To avoid a situation like this, some patients will opt for extraction first rather than risk potentially undergoing two procedures.

Many patients have a great desire to save their natural tooth, and will go to any lengths to do so. They want to ensure that their tooth root remains in place so that the strength and solidity of their jawbone is not compromised over time. When a tooth or teeth are missing, it is possible for the jaw to begin sinking in on itself. The more teeth that are lost, the worse this problem can get. They are likely proponents of endodontic therapy, and the root canal is followed by the placement of a porcelain crown to protect the remains of the tooth and complete your smile so it looks natural and there is no sign of repair.

When it truly is not possible to save a tooth because the infection or damage is too deep, you are not simply left with a hole in your smile after an extraction. After discussing this treatment with your Suwanee dentist, you will be presented with restorative dentistry options to take the place of your missing tooth. This can include a dental bridge, dental implants, or partial denture.

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Make the Right Choice for Your Smile

Root canals have a bad reputation, but they are an important dental solution that can save damaged or diseased teeth. If the innermost layer of your tooth – the pulp – is damaged because of a deep cavity or cracked tooth, bacteria can find a way in, causing infection, swelling, and compromised pulp.

Now, a tooth that has a severe fracture or is cracked deep below the gum line is typically a good candidate for extraction. And if a tooth is dominated by a large cavity, the tooth’s structure may be so compromised and weak that it cannot be repaired, capped, or otherwise. Extraction will be the only option.

Your Johns Creek dentist will present all appropriate and viable treatment options after examining your problem tooth and help you make the best decision for your oral health. It can be very difficult to choose between root canal and extraction, but knowing that cosmetic and restorative repairs are available after both options to complete your smile can simplify the decision.

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Wake Up to a Brand New Smile

For the especially anxious patients, or those who simply don’t want to be fully aware of any root canal procedure or extraction, oral conscious sedation is an option. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for dental patients to get the treatment they need without squirming, worrying, or feeding their anxiety. And when patients are calm, the treatment is much easier for your Duluth dentist to complete efficiently and expertly.

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