The Tooth Fairy Is Watching: Help Your Kids Develop Good Dental Habits

August 22 is declared as National Tooth Fairy Day. But so is February 28. While you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone running around with a wand and glittery dollars and coins on either day, it’s interesting to note that the dates are approximately six months apart, which is the maximum amount of time that should elapse between professional teeth cleanings. If you need to convince your kids that it’s super-important to take care of their teeth and gums, just tell them the Tooth Fairy is watching, and get them to their dental cleanings regularly and on time.

Dentist for Kids in Johns Creek and Suwanee

We love to see our youngest patients. When kids have positive dental visits, this sets the foundation for good oral health. Making sure your kids have dental appointments every six months also shows them that you prioritize their teeth too.

We want our patients to be comfortable at the dentist, and we carefully and gently work with kids to guide them through every procedure. For kids, we perform dental cleanings, dental exams, x-rays, sealants, fillings, orthodontic evaluations, tooth extractions, and more.

It’s important for kids to understand that oral health care isn’t only about teeth and brushing. Oral health isn’t only about losing your baby teeth and getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Good oral health is about seeing your dentist for regular cleanings and making an appointment when you have pain or problems. Taking good care of your teeth and gums is a lifelong responsibility if you want to have a healthy, attractive smile.

There Is No Tooth Fairy for Adults

Remember, there is no tooth fairy for adults. If your tooth is loose, there’s a problem, whether it’s gum disease or otherwise. If you already have missing teeth, no one is going to put some cash under your pillow as a little treat.

Adults with missing teeth have a major problem, and it’s imperative to replace those missing teeth quickly. A smile with holes in it not only looks unsightly, it’s unhealthy. Missing teeth threaten the rest of your oral health, allowing nearby teeth to begin to shift to fill the space, and failing to support the jawbone, which causes the jaw to compress over time.

Show the kids that you’re not afraid of the tooth fairy, dentist, or otherwise. (But if you do really have anxiety, sedation dentistry can help.) Adults set a good example for kids. If you take care of your teeth and let your children see that you make your oral health a priority, they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Make Oral Health a Priority for Your Kids – and Yourself

If you really want to celebrate Tooth Fairy Day, skip the sugar all day, brush and floss together, or head to the library and check out a book about the Tooth Fairy (or about taking care of your teeth). Then, check the calendar to show your kids when their next dental appointment is. If your schedule is blank, contact Hello Family Dental to schedule an appointment for your kids or yourself.

We proudly serve the families of Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Duluth, and it is our privilege to give children wonderful experiences at the dentist and set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

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