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Crooked teeth can be embarrassing and make a person incredibly self-conscious. You may be less likely to speak up or express your opinion because you don’t want to draw attention to your misaligned teeth.

These choices can lead to missed opportunities professionally, socially, and personally. Fastbraces® have become an affordable, safe, fast alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment.

How do Fastbraces®work?

The technology behind Fastbraces® is revolutionary, especially when compared with traditional metal braces treatment:

  • Innovative patented technology: Fastbraces® uses patented triangular-shaped brackets that alter the force-flexibility of the braces. The brackets work together with a super-elastic nickel-titanium wire to correct each tooth’s root position from the very start. This combination creates extra space in between brackets, increasing the flexibility of the wire, which uses the natural temperature of the mouth to align the crown and root of the tooth simultaneously and quickly
  • Double movement: Fastbraces® realigns the root and crown of the tooth at the same time. Metal braces, on the other hand, move the crown of the tooth the first year of treatment and address the tooth root the second year
  • Quick change: Realignment begins at the very start of orthodontic treatment with immediate root movement, a significant difference from metal braces which have delayed root movement
  • Reduced time in braces: Treatment time with Fastbraces® is about 3 months to 1 year, compared to 1.5 to 3 years for traditional braces. Each case will be different and depend on the original position of your bite and teeth

With Fastbraces®, some patients see a difference in their smiles within weeks!

What problems do Fastbraces® fix?

Some people get lucky with their DNA and have perfectly straight adult teeth. Other people need orthodontic intervention to correct the unsightly ways in which their teeth have erupted or their bites have developed. Here are some of the most common problems for which people seek Fastbraces®:

  • Severe crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Spacing
  • Gaps

When teeth don’t erupt properly into the gums, they end up crooked, tilted, overlapping, sideways, or spaced far apart. All of these problems mean that the teeth are not straight and upright.

The Fastbraces Technologies high-performance bracket system uprights each tooth root with just one square wire.

The benefits of Fastbraces® treatment

Any patient who has consulted an orthodontist about braces will be interested to know about the many perks of wearing Fastbraces® instead of traditional metal braces:

  • Limited tooth extraction: The natural bite is preserved and there is almost never a need for teeth to be extracted.
  • More comfortable: Pain is reported as being greatly reduced while wearing Fastbraces®. All the brackets and wires of metal braces regularly puncture the gums, lips, and cheeks. The technology behind Fastbraces® reduces sliding friction, thereby moving teeth more gently and reducing pain.
  • Abbreviated aftercare: While typical braces-wearers must live 24/7 with a retainer after their braces have been removed, Fastbraces® wearers typically wear their retainers for only 15 to 20 minutes a day. This benefit is a result of the complete alignment of the tooth roots.
  • Better oral health: Wearing Fastbraces® for less time than metal braces means an orthodontic patient’s typical oral health care routine is not dramatically interrupted for a long period of time. As a result, there is a smaller risk of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene or difficulty cleaning around the braces.
  • Affordability: Shorter treatment time means fewer trips to the dentist, fewer co-pays, fewer equipment needs, and less time off of work or school.
  • Clear brackets: Fastbraces® do indeed look like braces, but for anyone who’s feeling self-conscious about being a brace-face can breathe a sigh of relief. Brackets are available in an aesthetic ceramic shade and the wire can be tooth-colored so your braces will be barely noticeable.

If you have shied away from traditional fixed braces because you hated the idea of being called a “brace face,” Fastbraces® limits the chances of that unfortunate nickname developing. If the cost of clear aligners has also made you pause before pursuing any orthodontia, Fastbraces can be the solution because they are more affordable. With Fastbraces®, you get the amazing correction of metal braces in a clear bracket-and-wire solution – and it happens quickly.

Fastbraces® Technology is changing the way orthodontics are done, for teens and adults. Braces treatment no longer has to take years to complete, nor does it have to be uncomfortable.

Are you a candidate for Fastbraces®?

The only way to know for certain if Fastbraces® are right for you is to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Patel, which will include a comprehensive examination of your mouth and smile, as well as impressions and x-rays.

Your treatment plan will be customized for you and only you – and your smile can be brand new in half the time of traditional metal braces. Dr. Patel is Atlanta’s premier dental office providing Fastbraces® Technology.

Ready to talk to Dr. Patel about your smile?

Call Hello Family Dental today for a Fastbraces® consultation.  We want to give our patients every opportunity to take advantage of our dental services and achieve the smile they deserve. Our office is conveniently located at the intersection of Peachtree Parkway (Hwy. 141) and Mathis Airport Road in the Brookwood Marketplace Plaza between Target and Home Depot, right next to Your Serve Tennis.

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