Fastbraces® Has Changed the Landscape of Orthodontia

Dragging your feet about straightening the crooked teeth that plague you? Trying to convince your teenager that braces are for their own good? Fastbraces® is an orthodontic revolution that has changed how people view braces, how braces look, and, most importantly, how braces work.

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Get to Know Fastbraces®

If you think that traditional metal braces are your only option for aligning your teeth, it’s time to learn the facts about Fastbraces®, the orthodontic solution that is:

  • Appealing: If your perception of braces is an archaic one – large brackets, multiple wires, plenty of discomfort, years of treatment – it’s time to learn about Fastbraces® which, believe it or not, have been around for a few decades. One of the reasons you may be unfamiliar with this orthodontic method is that it works so quickly.
  • Fast: Every orthodontic case is unique, and the progress of your straightening of course depends on the original position of your teeth and bite, but Fastbraces® moves the root and crown of each tooth simultaneously. This means treatment takes half the time of traditional braces. Metal braces are designed to move tooth crowns in the first year of treatment and tooth roots the second year. Treatment time with Fastbraces® can be from 3 months to 1 year. Expect to put in 1.5 to 3 years of time for complete alignment with traditional metal braces.
  • Innovative: The revolutionary technology behind Fastbraces® involves a patented technology composed of triangular-shaped brackets that work with an incredibly elastic wire to correct the position of a tooth – and its root – from the very start of treatment.
  • Versatile: Fastbraces® correct the same problems that traditional metal braces and Invisalign address, such as severe crowding, gaps, spacing, crooked teeth, over-bites and under-bites, and cross-bites and open bites. Poorly erupted teeth are moved into the upright position through Fastbraces® high-performance bracket system.
  • Clear: The aesthetic ceramic shade of Fastbraces® and its tooth-colored wire means your braces will be barely noticeable. No “metal mouth” or “brace face” nicknames for you! And no metal braces drawing attention to your teeth every time you open your mouth to eat or speak.
  • Comfortable: Ask any wearer of traditional metal braces and they’ll tell you how uncomfortable it can be to deal with wires and brackets puncturing their gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue. Fastbraces® greatly reduces pain and the technology behind this treatment reduces sliding friction, a measure that moves teeth more gently and reduces pain.
  • Affordable: If you have a shorter treatment time for your orthodontic solution, it would follow that you will pay for fewer trips to the dentist, fewer co-pays, less equipment, and less time off from work.

Fastbraces® is the amazing correction of traditional braces in a clear bracket-and-wire solution in half the time. If you’re asking, “Where do I sign up?” it’s time to get in touch with your local Suwanee and Johns Creek dentist, Dr. Mitul Patel at Hello Family Dental. Contact us to schedule your Fastbraces® consult and find out if you’re a candidate for this amazing alignment solution.

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