Straighten Your Teeth Quickly with Fastbraces

It’s a funny thing about braces – as soon as you get them on, you want to see results. You look in the mirror over and over, waiting to notice a change in the alignment of your teeth. Orthodontics take time – usually. Fastbraces, however, take less time than conventional braces. They even take less time than Invisalign. And some people see a difference in their smile within weeks.

What Makes Fastbraces So Efficient?

Braces are braces, right? How can one work any better than they other? Orthodontic treatment is all supposed to do the same thing, right – straighten teeth? Nevertheless, there is always an option that can get you where you want to be faster than other options.

Fastbraces is a revolutionary technology, particularly when compared with the progression of metal braces. Think of it this way: Smartphones are smart because they’re developed to be speedy, accurate, and easy. Fastbraces could easily be called smart-braces because of the innovative patented technology that lets them be, well, speedy, accurate, and easier than other braces.

  • Triangular-shaped brackets alter the force-flexibility of the braces.
  • The brackets and super-elastic, nickel-titanium wire work together to correct each tooth root position from the start.
  • The combo of advanced brackets and wire creates extra space between the brackets, increasing wire flexibility.
  • The natural temperature of the mouth is utilized to align the crown and root of the tooth at the same time, instead of the typical delayed root movement of conventional metal braces.xx

Perks of Fastbraces

People need braces because their teeth don’t erupt straight and upright into the gums, which leaves them with tilted, overlapping, or broadly spaced teeth. The Fastbraces high-performance bracket moves each tooth root into its proper upright position with just one square wire.

  • Fast, of course: Braces usually take about 1.5 to 3 years to complete the entire course of treatment. This number depends on the original position of your teeth and bite and where things need to move so complete alignment can be achieved. Fastbraces, however, only take 3 months to 1 year to complete.
  • Versatile: Fastbraces can correct all types of misalignment including crowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, gaps, spaces, and crooked teeth.
  • For all ages: Adults and teens alike are in favor of any braces that can cut down on the amount of time they’re living in wires and brackets. Good thing, Fastbraces work for both demographics.
  • Discreet: While Fastbraces do involve brackets and wires, they can be ceramic and tooth-colored so braces are far less noticeable.
  • Minimal aftercare: It’s essential to wear a retainer after any type of orthodontic treatment to keep the freshly moved tooth roots in place. However, Fastbraces wearers typically only need to wear their retainers for 15 to 20 minutes a day, thanks to the complete alignment of their tooth roots. Every case will vary, but there is hope for a wire-free life after Fastbraces!

Fastbraces are an incredible innovation in orthodontics. Visit Dr. Mitul Patel and his team at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Johns Creek to find out whether you are a good candidate for Fastbraces, Invisalign, or other teeth-straightening methods. Contact us today.

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