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“Haven’t been to a dental office in years due to a previous bad experience…..everyone in the office made me feel EXTREMELY at ease…”

Patricia L. – Web Review

“I love the staff and Dr. Patel. They always make me feel so comfortable. I use to dread going to the dentist, but I don’t anymore. They are all wonderful!”

Ashley S. – Web Review

We do things a little differently for people who dislike the dentist or have anxiety about seeing us…

Has it been a while since your last visit because of how much you hate going to the dentist?

Your comfort and concerns are our first priority. At Hello Family Dental, we offer special fear-free dentistry options to all of our patients.

What if I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist?

Dr. Patel and his team work with patients who have dental anxiety every day. We specialize in sedation dentistry and welcome patients with dental phobias or other problems that make it difficult or unpleasant to receive important dental care.

Sedation dentistry is a completely safe and effective way to manage dental anxiety – it offers a stress-free, comfortable, and completely painless opportunity to get your work done.

Sedation dentistry helps the most anxious patients feel relaxed and comfortable – whether it be for cleaning or for a treatment such as repairing a cavity or crown.

Sedation dentistry is also a great solution to combat gag reflexes that can make getting dental work done frustratingly for the patient.

If you feel uncomfortable or scared visiting us, we are happy to have you bring a friend or family member that you feel comfortable with to you your appointment. Someone to give you support or holding your hand, even while you’re sedated, can be a great way to feel more comfortable and in control of the situation.

What happens if I haven’t been to the dentist in years?

We promise not to judge! We are proud to offer a friendly, inclusive dental experience and want you to know that we’re not going to give you a hard time about skipping the dentist. Our focus is and will always be on helping our patients in a way that makes them feel comfortable and fits their budget.

We can perform all types of treatments from cleanings and exams to restorative dentistry procedures while you’re sedated.

Give our team a call, click the button to book an appointment, or if you have more questions, fill out the form on the right and we’ll give you a call to answer them.

I know I need to go but I hate the dentist… how will this even work?

First things first, it’s ok to dislike the dentist – it’s perfectly normal. Second of all, we’re not going to judge you on how long it’s been since your last visit.

Rather than push you into a chair and tell you to open wide, let’s talk through your concerns and see if any of our special options for people with dental anxiety will work for you.

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