Frequent Headaches? It Could Be Your Teeth

dental headaches When you suffer from frequent headaches, most of the time you probably assume that you should visit your primary care physician for treatment. However, in many cases the first person you should actually call is your dentist. Most headaches are caused by tension in the body, and dental headaches are no different. Muscular tension that builds up around the jaw and/or facial region can result in severe headaches. Determining what the cause is for this muscle tension is the first step in alleviating your headaches. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, Dr. Mitul Patel is an experienced dentist who treats TMJ, which is the disorder associated with most dental headaches. Our dental practice offers a variety of safe and effective treatments to help patients find relief from their headaches along with the joint disorder that is causing headaches and other symptoms.

There are typically three factors that cause debilitating dental headaches: grinding the teeth, clenching the jaw, and malocclusion (a bad bite). The temporomandibular joint is surrounded by muscles in the face that connect to the head and the neck. When these muscles are over worked by constantly grinding the teeth at night or by clenching the jaw during the day (this is especially common during stressful seasons of life), then the overuse strains the muscles and complex nerve system at the base of the skull. Malocclusion essentially means that they chewing surfaces of the upper and lower teeth do not meet along a smooth curve when the jaw is closed. This imbalance puts stress on the temporomandibular joint, causing it to continually overcompensate for the imbalance leading to pain.

TMJ is a complex disorder that can typically only be fully understood and treated by an experienced and well qualified dentist. Here in Suwanee, Dr. Patel serves residents here and in surrounding areas with the highest level of TMJ treatment. Do not let your headaches get out of control simply because your physician does not have the answers. Family & Cosmetic Dental Care and Dr. Patel do, and we are here to help.

Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care
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