General Dentistry Tips: 4 Things You Do Right When Brushing

Oral health is just as important as the rest of your health and well-being. If you take the time to care for your teeth with preventive care at home – which includes daily brushing and flossing, at a minimum – and general dentistry at your Johns Creek dentist’s office, you will be rewarded with a healthy, functional, cavity-free smile.

You’ll know your teeth are getting the right kind of TLC if you do the following four things when brushing:

1. You don’t brush too hard.

The quality of tooth brushing is not evidenced by how vigorously you brush your teeth. Brushing harder is not necessarily going to clean your teeth better, though it will of course eliminate any plaque, bacteria, and food that have set up shop. Aggressive tooth brushing, however, contributes to gum recession.

Gum recession is easily recognized. Your teeth may look longer than usual because the gum tissue exposes more of the tooth. Unfortunately, the aesthetic side effect of gum recession is not the only problem. Minimizing the gum around your teeth also makes it possible for gum disease to develop because of the pockets and gaps that form.

Smart brushing involves brushing one tooth at a time using short, soft strokes. Wiggling the brush against your teeth helps prevent plaque buildup without hurting the gums.

2. You replace your toothbrush regularly.

You don’t have to wait for your next dental checkup and teeth cleaning to get a new toothbrush. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends buying a new toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles have started to fray. (Ideally, your toothbrush bristles aren’t getting too worn down, because that could be an indication that you’re brushing too hard.)

3. You brush for just the right amount of time.

There are apps and fun tools to help children brush for the recommended two minutes. Adults who aren’t ashamed to use the same tools to get their own teeth clean are doing themselves a great service. Brushing fast and brushing hard is common in this go-go-go culture, but if you carefully and thoroughly brush each tooth, you will ensure that you have carefully cleaned your teeth. Plus, taking this kind of meticulous approach means you will use a lighter hand when brushing rather than attacking your teeth.

While it’s easy to rely on a teeth-whitening treatment to get your teeth white, remember that the appearance of your teeth is not about aesthetics only. Bacteria and plaque and tartar and food build up on your teeth every day. That stuff needs to be brushed and washed away carefully in between dental visits if you want your oral health to stay strong.

4. You brush your teeth at least twice a day.

There will always be an occasion or two when you miss a tooth brushing. You fall asleep early, for instance, and don’t wake up until the alarm goes off the next morning. Don’t sweat it. But don’t make a habit of skipping tooth brushings either.

Two teeth-brushings a day isn’t too much to ask. After all, in the morning you have morning breath, and you should want to eliminate that as quickly as possible by brushing your teeth. At night, you have a mouthful of residue from the day’s work of chewing and creating bacteria. Brush away and go to bed with a fresh mouth.

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. Take brushing seriously, and be sure to keep up with your dental exams and cleanings every six months. Haven’t seen the dentist in a while? Make your appointment with your Johns Creek dentist so you can get on the right track to good oral health, now and for the future.

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