Halloween Candy Buyback: Surrender Your Sweets for a Good Cause

It’s almost Halloween and that means candy is everywhere. We beg you not to devour your entire haul, though, for the sake of your teeth, and for a good cause: Family & Cosmetic Dental Care will hold our 10th Annual Halloween Candy Buyback from Monday, November 4 through Thursday, November 7, from 9 a.m. to 4p.m., collecting unopened sweets to donate to Operation Gratitude, and paying you for your generosity.

How the Johns Creek Halloween Candy Buyback Works

The Family & Cosmetic Dental Care Halloween candy buyback works like this:

  • Collect: Gather your unopened Halloween candy, whether you collected it while trick-or-treating or need to banish the uneaten bars and sweets you purchased for your household.
  • Deliver: Bring your stash to Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee.
  • Earn: We will weigh your candy and pay you $1 per pound of donated candy, up to five pounds.
  • Write: The candy will be sent to American servicemen and women overseas through Operation Gratitude. Take a few moments to write a letter to the troops to accompany the sweets you’ve donated.

Maintain Good Oral Health at Halloween and Beyond

We hope the servicepeople who receive the candy sent their way remember to brush and floss to keep cavities at bay. For our patients here in Suwanee, we can help you maintain a healthy smile with:

  • Preventive dental care: Keep up with dental cleanings and exams every six months and it should be easy for you to prevent oral health problems from developing. When your Johns Creek dentist reviews your teeth and gums regularly, he will notice changes and address suspicious areas to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth strong.
  • Sealants: Kids are the most common recipients of tooth sealants. Once a permanent molar has erupted, a sealant is carefully applied over the biting surface of the tooth to protect the enamel from bacteria and plaque and minimize the likelihood of cavities.
  • White fillings: Should you or your child need a filling, white composite fillings are the best option. They are tooth-colored so they look natural and blend in with the rest of your enamel. No one will ever know you needed a dental restoration.

Protect Your Teeth on Halloween with These Candy-Eating Tips

Halloween is a great time of year to remind kids just how important it is to take care of your teeth and gums. While it’s impossible to ban candy-eating entirely, you can encourage good candy choices.

  • Stay away from the sticky, chewy, gummy stuff. Yes, those gummy body parts are super-gross and super-cool, but the stuff they’re made of clings to teeth. Without thorough brushing and flossing, cavities can easily follow.
  • Hard candy should also be avoided, especially lollipops and gumballs. Keeping candy in your mouth for a long time exposes your teeth to sugar for a longer amount of time, and that’s not good for keeping decay at bay.
  • Chocolate is the smartest choice when it comes to candy indulgences. Chocolate does not stick to teeth for very long and it’s easily washed away with a drink of water.

All candy should be eaten in moderation for the sake of your teeth and stomach. And, whatever you have leftover, bring to Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee for our Halloween candy buyback. The troops will thank you, we will thank you, and your teeth will thank you too! Visit us during the first week of November, and make sure your family is on the schedule for your next dental exams and cleanings.

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