Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Whether you are rinsing out your mouth with cold water, you are eating a delicious dessert with ice cream, or you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee – sensitive teeth can ruin any of these.

Sensitive teeth are mostly caused by the exposure of the dentin layer of the teeth. This soft layer of your teeth has thousands of tiny tubes that lead directly to the tooth’s nerve center. These nerves allow hot and cold temperatures, as well as sweet and sour tastes, to reach the nerve of the tooth and cause a jolt of pain or discomfort.

It is always necessary to have sensitive teeth evaluated by your dentist as quickly as possible because sensitive teeth are indicators that something is going wrong within your mouth. Many times, gum recession has occurred around a single tooth from over-aggressive brushing, which is generally easy to treat with a tooth paste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth. However, other times a sensitive tooth is a direct indicator that something serious is going on.

A cracked tooth, an infected tooth, or another serious issue could be causing your sensitivity. Tooth enamel that is damaged in any way can cause extreme sensitivity or discomfort within the mouth. It is essential to understand that this issue will not resolve on its own, and it will only get worse over time. By having your sensitive teeth evaluated sooner rather than later, you can prevent significant damage from occurring inside your mouth that will require extensive – and expensive – repair.

Dental crowns or padding an area of recession with a white filling is often all that is required for repairing tooth sensitivity if the issue is brought to your dentist’s attention in a timely manner. Other simple treatments may include using a tooth paste without high levels of abrasives, an at-home fluoride treatment prescription, or an in-office fluoride treatment that will create a barrier against damage to the teeth. However, all of these “simple” treatments require patients to bring the issue of sensitive teeth to their dentist’s attention in a timely manner. Waiting too long can result in irreversible damage.

At Hello Family Dental, we are here for all of your oral health care needs. If sensitive teeth are affecting you, please contact us for an appointment. We will evaluate your mouth to find the cause, and we will then recommend the most appropriate treatment. Your smile is important to us.

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