Severe Gag Reflex

For many, an over active gag reflux means that they may choke easily or vomit easevere gag reflex sily when they are not feeling well. For others, though, a severe gag reflex may keep them from visiting the dentist. A severely active gag reflex is often of great concern to many dental patients. Just the thought of a dentist or dental hygienist putting cleaning objects in their mouths causes their gag reflex to start working. However, those with a severe gag reflex should not allow their condition to prevent them from proper dental care. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, we treat patients of all ages who suffer from a severe gag reflex so that they can maintain proper oral hygiene.

It is always important to tell your dentist and dental hygienist about your severe gag reflex before your appointment begins. There are some simple things that can be done during a cleaning or procedure to prevent triggering your gag reflex. However, if your gag reflex is severe, sedation may be necessary in order to get a proper cleaning, X-rays or to perform any other procedure that is needed.

Sedation dentistry is not just for those who are “scared of the dentist”. Sedation dentistry is helpful for many people who suffer from a variety of conditions. Any condition or issue that makes it a challenge to receive proper dental care makes a person a great candidate for sedation dental procedures. A severe gag reflex can remove the fear and anxiety that is brought forth from needing a dental procedure. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, we are compassionate and are specifically trained to administer sedatives to promote the comfort of our patients with severe gag reflex.

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Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care

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