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Healthy Teeth - from Suwanee GA General DentistYour face-paced life rarely leave time for consumption of all the major food groups, let alone consumption of all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. It is always important to talk with your primary care physician before starting any sort of vitamin regimen, but these are vitamins that are known for promoting healthy teeth.

  • Calcium – The risk of gum disease and tooth decay is elevated when the body does not receive an adequate amount of calcium. The jaw bone and teeth are primarily made of calcium, and being deficient in calcium can lead to jaw bone deterioration and tooth loss. Most dairy products contain high levels of calcium, and you can supplement your diet with calcium chews or tablet
  • Vitamin D – A deficiency in Vitamin D inhibits the absorption of calcium. Because calcium is essential to your jaw bone and teeth, lacking in Vitamin D can contribute to tooth loss. Symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency include dry mouth, a burning sensation in the mouth, as well as a metallic taste.
  • Vitamin A – A deficiency in Vitamin A has a direct effect on your gum health. The mucous membrane and tissue around the gums is maintained by Vitamin A. This vitamin actually helps aid in the healing process of inflamed gum tissues, so not only is it essential in maintaining gum health, it also helps heal gums when they are not well.
  • Vitamin B – B vitamins are easily found in meats and fish. Therefore, those who do not regularly eat meat or who are vegetarians, often do not consume enough Vitamin B. Receding gums, regular tooth aches, and oral sensitivity are often linked to a Vitamin B deficiency.
  • Vitamin C – Another vitamin known for its healing properties is Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost immunity and ward off infection that can be damaging to your oral, as well as your overall, health.

Your body was designed to receive a daily supply of needed vitamins. If your diet is not adequately supplying the necessary amount of Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and/or Vitamin C, talk with your physician about adding supplements into your diet to promote proper oral health.

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Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care
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