Reverse Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry

Gum disease isn’t pretty. It’s painful, uncomfortable, and, in the most severe cases, can lead to tooth loss. The good news is that all gum disease is treatable, and your Johns Creek dentist can reverse the periodontal problems that have developed in your mouth. Laser dentistry makes it possible to achieve a brand new beautiful smile (with the help of some restorative dentistry too).

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The Development of Gum Disease

Many people choose to live with a mouth full of periodontal disease because they’re too embarrassed about the condition of their gums and teeth to show their dentist. They’re ashamed that they haven’t visited their Suwanee dentist for years and that they’ve allowed their oral health to fall into such disrepair. Or maybe you’ve simply received an unlucky strand of DNA that makes you more susceptible to gum disease. Either way, doing nothing is a recipe for disaster – gum disease does not fix itself. It only gets worse.

Other people aren’t yet aware that they have gum disease and simply tolerate, ignore, or even overlook the subtle signs like gum irritation, swollen and tender gums, red gums, and bleeding gums. But gum disease takes time to develop. If you keep up with dental check-ups and exams every six months, your dentist will notice if your gums are headed into the gingivitis zone, the earliest stage of gum disease. Being diligent about dental visits every six months means any periodontal disease can be addressed sooner rather than later, before it’s had time to do damage to your teeth and gums.

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The Minimally Invasive Solution for Gum Disease

Laser gum surgery is a major innovation in gum disease treatment. People who have moderate to severe gum disease can undergo minimally invasive gum disease treatment known as LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure). Not only does the LANAP clear away gum disease, it allows for periodontal regeneration, which means the reattachment of gum tissues.

If you’re apprehensive about periodontal treatment, knowing that LANAP is an option from your Duluth dentist should make you breathe easier. The motto of LANAP is “No Cut, No Sew, No Fear.” The gum does not need to be pulled away from the teeth with a scalpel – instead, a high-powered dental laser is inserted between infected tooth and gum to target the diseased areas and remove infection while leaving healthy gum intact.

Other than a bit of soreness for a day or two after surgery, laser dentistry means less pain, sensitivity, bleeding, and swelling. Plus, gums treated by laser dentistry heal faster and there is minimal pain after treatment.

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Renewing Your Smile After Laser Dentistry

Loose or lost teeth are a side effect of severely advanced gum disease. Make no mistake, what has been lost because of gum disease cannot be retrieved. However, it can be replaced, thanks to advanced restorative dentistry procedures like dental implants.

Once your mouth has healed from the laser dentistry, you can undergo a smile renewal. Lost teeth can make your face change shape, but restorative dentistry helps prevent this side effect while making your smile look new, amazing, and natural. If you are not a good candidate for dental implants, dentures and bridges are amazing viable options that will also revitalize your smile in appearance and function.

Dr. Mitul Patel has extensive experience performing LANAP to restore the gums of his Johns Creek area patients. If you have concerns that you have developed gum disease, or if you have long avoided the dentist because of disrepair, contact our office today. We want to help you have a healthy and comfortable smile.

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