5 Reasons Athletes Need a Customized Protective Mouth Guard

You could consider all contact sports as extreme sports, at least where teeth are concerned. Any sport that could involve a collision, hit, fall, or connection with a moving ball, stick, or other piece of equipment means your mouth is always in danger. A customized protective mouth guard from your Johns Creek dentist does exactly what it’s supposed to do – protect your teeth from injury.

Here are just five reasons athletes need customized sports guards for their teeth:

1. Prevents dislodged, lost, or chipped teeth.

Whether two players collide helmet to helmet on the field or whether a fistfight breaks out on the ice rink, there is always a chance that something could make contact a tooth and knock it right out of place – or knock it out of your mouth completely. A sports mouth guard keeps those precious teeth covered up and protected from being shifted out of place. The guard also protects against chipped or broken teeth, as well as nerve damage, lip or tongue damage, or bite misalignment.

2. Saves orthodontics from damage.

Teen athletes don’t want braces to get in the way of playing sports. But a teen shouldn’t be restricted from the activities they love because of braces, and they shouldn’t say no to braces because they’re worried about them getting in the way of athletics. Customized protective mouth guards from your Suwanee dentist are designed specifically to make room for any orthodontia. A mouth guard allows teens to be active and protect their teeth – and the investment in orthodontia – at every game or match.

3. Protects teeth from stress.

Stressed on the field, court, or rink? A protective mouth guard gives you something to gnaw on unconsciously while you’re waiting for the next play. The guard takes pressure off the jaw that is caused by clenching or grinding the teeth, and relieves teeth from the constant contact with each other, which means less likelihood of worn or broken teeth.

4. Guards against concussion.

Whether professional, semi-pro, amateur, or student athlete, playing organized sports (or unorganized, for that matter) always puts you in danger – you as a whole, not just your mouth. Wearing a protective mouth guard not only safeguards your teeth, it can help minimize or even prevent a concussion. A guard can help absorb shock, limit the movement caused by a direct hit to the jaw, and even stabilize the head and neck.

5. Lets you play hard.

Injuries restrict athletes. They can be tentative about getting back into play because they don’t want to make their injury worse or risk developing the same problem again. But athletes feel better when they wrap their knee or ankle or when they have their helmet in place. Worrying about what might happen to your teeth shouldn’t be a problem – with an athletic mouth guard in place, your teeth have an insurance policy against damage so you can play hard and win, without losing your teeth.

Get a Customized Sports Protective Mouth Guard in Johns Creek

Over-the-counter boil-and-bite mouth guards are easy to find, but they aren’t precise or durable. They can also be bulky and uncomfortable and interfere with speech and breath. A customized sports guard is an investment in safety and good oral health.

Contact the dental office of Dr. Mitul Patel to schedule your appointment for you – or your child – to be fitted for a custom athletic mouth guard.

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