Making Dental Care Convenient for You: All Oral Surgery Now Performed In-Office

If you wish you had a dental office that offered every procedure in-house, we have you covered at Hello Family Dental in Johns Creek. Dr. Patel  and our dedicated staff of doctors, oral surgery will now be conducted in our offices, including extractions, dental implants, and other restorations.

Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is sometimes a procedure that requires a referral, but at our Johns Creek dental practice, the following surgeries are now performed in-house:

  • Dental implants: A permanent, fully functional tooth with a dental implant permanently inserted in the gum and jaw and an accompanying, natural-looking prosthetic tooth to replace a missing tooth.
  • Wisdom teeth removal: The removal of wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted or impacted wisdom teeth that are painful and threatening the alignment of your teeth.
  • Extractions: The removal of a tooth that has been loosened by gum disease, damaged in trauma, or so infected that removal is the only option.
  • Immediate dental implants: A single-step, instead of multi-step, approach to replace a missing tooth.
  • Sinus lifts: Opens the mouth to make room for implants when back teeth are missing.
  • Teeth-in-a-Day: A less-invasive version of traditional dental implants.
  • All-On-Four: Four implants are used to replace all the missing teeth on the top or bottom arch.

Sedation Dentistry: Reduce Anxiety and Make Oral Surgery Easier

If you want to get through oral surgery easily, or any dental procedure for that matter, it’s time to consider sedation dentistry. Being able to relax at the dentist is an incredibly valuable opportunity to get the dental work done that you need done, efficiently and without delay.

Oral sedation is great because:

  • It physically relaxes your entire body and relieves tension.
  • It can be used with laughing gas to completely calm you.
  • You’re zoned out and not focusing on the work being done.
  • Procedures are done more quickly because you aren’t struggling to endure the work.

Combine oral sedation with low-stress dentistry – painless injections, quick extractions, and great music – and you will leave our Johns Creek dental office feeling good about taking care of your oral health.

We Make Dental Care Convenient for You

Are you in line for oral surgery? Schedule your free consultation to discuss your oral health and to be one of the first patients to reserve an appointment time.

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