Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removal

The wisdom teeth are the third molars on each side of the upper and lower jaws. They are given the name “wisdom teeth” because they usually erupt in the mouth when people are in their upper teens or early twenties – at a “wiser” age than when all of the other teeth come in. Many people must have their wisdom teeth removed because they only partially emerge or because they come in crooked, leading to painful crowding and disease. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure done to remove one or more wisdom teeth. Dr. Mitul Patel at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care offers a variety of oral surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth removal and removal of other impacted teeth.

Not everyone requires wisdom teeth removal. For some, they simply never develop wisdom teeth; for others, their wisdom teeth erupt normally and cause no problems within the mouth. However, many people do develop impacted wisdom teeth. These teeth do not have enough room to erupt into the mouth or grow normally. Impacted wisdom teeth are known to come in at an odd angle, causing pain, infection, a cyst around the wisdom teeth, damage to adjacent teeth, damage to surrounding jawbone, and complications with orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Mitul Patel is proud to offer painless wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Patel is a board certified Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and is highly trained, qualified, and experienced in removing wisdom teeth. The complications that can arise from waiting too long to have the wisdom teeth removed can be very severe, but their removal at the proper time can be seamless, with a quick recovery. Dr. Patel and his dedicated dental team go to great lengths to ensure that your health and comfort are always the top priorities.

If you are searching for a trusted dentist in or near Johns Creek for your wisdom teeth removal, please contact Family & Cosmetic Dental Care today. We are dedicated to helping all of our patients achieve their best smiles.

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