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Fastbraces®Fastbraces® is the latest in orthodontic technology that allows people to achieve a beautifully straight smile in a much shorter time frame than traditional braces. Fastbraces® uses technology to move the roots of the teeth, and it begins with the very first appointment. Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Johns Creek is proud to offer Fastbraces® to our dental patients. Fastbraces® uses technology that is safe, fast, easy, and affordable and it is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, we treat patients of all ages, and we make oral health and personal comfort our first priority.

Straight teeth brings forth a confident smile. Dr. Mitul Patel leads Family & Cosmetic Dental Care to bring patients a fast and affordable solution for crooked or misaligned teeth. Traditional braces slowly move the teeth into their desired position by tightening wires about once a month. During the first year of orthodontic treatment, the crowns of the teeth are repositioned; it is not until the second half of treatment that the roots of the teeth are moved into their proper positions. While this process is effective and has been used for many years, many people today simply do not want to have to wear braces for two years (or longer) in order to achieve straight teeth. Fastbraces® uses triangular designed braces and a special heat-activated wire that has revolutionized how teeth can be straightened and allows most people to have a straightened smile within a year.

If you would like more information about Fastbraces® and if this orthodontic treatment is right for you, contact Family & Cosmetic Dental Care. We are currently accepting new patients, and we would be proud to serve you and your family with premium dental and orthodontic care.

Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care

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Fast Braces®

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