Gum Recession? Reshape Your Smile with Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Gum grafts are not the only solution for recessed gums. The innovative pinhole gum rejuvenation method has transformed gum recession repair. Anyone with gums that are beginning to show more and more of their teeth can breathe a sigh of relief. You can have your beloved smile back and protect yourself from decay and gum disease with a minimally invasive gum recession treatment from your Johns Creek dentist.

How the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique Works

While gum grafts are an effective and proven method of addressing gum recession, this procedure is accompanied by scalpels, sutures, and an uncomfortable recovery time and healing process. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, however, is quite different.

In the pinhole gum rejuvenation method, incredibly small pinholes are placed in the gum tissue around the problem teeth. The gum is loosened by passing specially designed instruments through the pinholes and the gum tissue is carefully repositioned over the recessed areas. The final step is to pass collagen through the pinholes to hold the relocated gum tissue in place.

This innovative restorative dentistry treatment significantly reduces the pain and swelling that are common to traditional gum grafting treatment. The pinholes are usually undetectable by the day after your procedure. Plus, you don’t have to wait to see the results of your pinhole gum rejuvenation – your smile will look brand new right away.

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Can You Avoid Gum Recession?

Sure, gum recession is avoidable. Though some people do have the bad luck of the draw and belong to a gene pool that saddles them with the inevitable situation of recessed gums. Nevertheless, you can do your best to try to prevent gum disease whether you are predisposed to the condition or not. Here are some interventions to keep in mind:

  • Stop grinding your teeth. Teeth grinding creates enamel erosion, but this bad habit can also be responsible for gum recession. Talk to your Duluth dentist about getting a night guard to save your oral health. (And do your best to reduce stress, because it can cause a host of dental problems.)
  • Straighten your teeth. Misaligned teeth contribute to gum recession because of the abnormal tooth positioning that places too much force on certain areas of your mouth. You can straighten your smile quickly with a number of orthodontic methods, including Fastbraces, Invisalign, or Six Month Smiles. Teeth that are in the right place help keep gums where they belong.
  • Don’t brush too hard. Quite often, patients mistake heavy-handed brushing as thorough brushing. But aggressive brushing contributes greatly to gum recession. Brush more lightly, or invest in an electric toothbrush to help prevent you from brushing too hard.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. When you get a dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months as recommended, you have a professional on your side who is keeping careful watch on your gums. Gum recession is a gradual process and your Alpharetta dentist will know when the time has come to undergo pinhole gum rejuvenation.

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Get Your Lunchtime Gum LiftTM with Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

If you have noticed that your smile looks different, if your teeth appear longer than usual, it’s probably not your imagination. These are telltale signs of gum recession, as well as tooth sensitivity. After all, the more your gums recede, the more opportunities there are for your tooth root to show. This makes you more susceptible to gum disease, decay, and aesthetic complaints.

Dr. Mitul Patel is one of an elite group of dentists who are trained to perform the innovative gum recession treatment known as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Visit Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, your go-to Johns Creek dentist for effective, long-lasting, minimally invasive gum recession treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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