Gum Recession Treatment Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Gum recession: Some people can see and feel it happening to their teeth. Others aren’t aware of the problem until a dentist points it out. Most people assume that having receding gums means one of two things: living with the condition and risking other oral health issues, or going through a painful treatment process to correct the problem. Neither is true. Pinhole gum rejuvenation is the gum recession treatment that gives you a healthy mouth again, with minimal invasiveness.

Treating Gum Recession with Innovation

Gum recession takes time to develop, but once it exists, the problem takes some work to change. There is no need, however, to assume that you are destined to an invasive surgical procedure and unpleasant healing process. No longer does gum tissue have to be cut from the roof of your mouth to encourage tissue growth in the recessed areas. Sutures, stitching, and major discomfort are in the past.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) is a revolutionary way to treat gum recession without leaving open wounds or stitches behind. This alone means there is less pain and swelling and a significantly reduced recovery time after gum recession treatment.

Tiny pinholes made in the gums allow for a special instrument to pass through the holes to loosen the gum tissue, which is then repositioned over the recessed areas. Collagen is passed through the pinholes and holds the shifted gum tissue in place. The minuscule pinhole shrinks so that it is undetectable, usually within a day. What is visible immediately, however, is the results of the PST – and the disappearance of your gum recession.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

It’s important to understand why gum recession occurs. This condition is not necessarily preventable, especially if you are predisposed to developing the problem because of genetics, but there are some habits that can make you more prone to developing gum recession:

  • Vigorous brushing. If you brush your teeth too hard morning and night, your gums will take the brunt of this behavior. Aggressive brushing does not equal good brushing, and it definitely isn’t good for your gums.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease can contribute to gum recession, and gum recession can lead to gum disease. Neither problem is desirable and both can be incredibly painful. Tooth loss is possible with periodontal disease, which is more likely to take root if your gums have worn away from the teeth and created pockets for bacteria and plaque to gather.
  • Teeth grinding. It’s not just eroded enamel and cracked teeth and a painful jaw that result from grinding your teeth. Gum recession is also a possibility.
  • When your teeth are out of alignment, all sorts of oral health problems are more likely, from cavities to gum recession. Abnormal tooth positioning means too much force is placed on certain areas of your mouth instead of being evenly distributed over all your teeth. This is a recipe for gum recession.

Gum Recession Treatment in Johns Creek

The good news is that gum recession has a treatment – and it’s a good one. The PST is sometimes referred to as the Lunchtime Gum Lift because, with no sutures or incisions, you really can get back to your normal life after the procedure is complete.

Dr. Mitul Patel is among an elite and qualified group of dentists who are specially trained to perform this innovative and conservative gum recession treatment. If you have reached the point of discomfort or notice that your teeth look longer than usual, point out your concerns at your next exam and cleaning, or make a special appointment to have your gum recession evaluated sooner. Contact us at Hello Family Dental to schedule your consultation.

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