Dental Implants Function Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants Suwanee GA Advancements in modern dentistry have allowed dentists to provide incredible results to dental patients. But perhaps the most amazing advancement in dentistry is the development of dental implants. For those with healthy jawbones and gums, dental implants have revolutionized the way missing teeth can be replaced to restore the health, function, and beauty of their smiles. At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee, Dr. Mitul Patel is a board certified Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) who is highly qualified to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Dental implants function like natural teeth. A dental implant is surgically implanted into the jawbone so that the anchor of the implant is permanently secured in the mouth. Because the jawbone is a living tissue within the body, after the implant anchor has been placed in the jawbone, the bone will begin to grow around the anchor so that it is locked into place just like a natural tooth. Dr. Patel is committed to helping patients achieve a beautiful, naturally looking, and functional smile through dental implant surgery.

At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, our entire staff is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Your smile can have a huge impact on your life, both personally and professionally. Whether or not it should, missing teeth can cause people to have a lesser opinion of you. Let Dr. Patel and the staff at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care help you restore your smile so that it is complete. We are currently accepting new patients, and we would be proud to serve you and your entire family. If you would like more information regarding dental implants, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Posted by Mitul Patel DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care

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