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Need a second opinion?

When you have been told that major restorative dentistry or even cosmetic dentistry procedures are the right choices for your oral health, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. We know it’s important for you to feel comfortable with your choices before embarking on any major dental procedures. Dr. Mitul Patel and the staff at our Johns Creek dental office welcome new patients into our office so we can provide a second opinion for a diagnosis received elsewhere.

At Hello Family Dental, we also encourage our patients to seek a second opinion if they have concerns about our recommended dental plan. We won’t be offended!

When should I get a second opinion from a dentist?

It isn’t necessary to get a second opinion for every cavity you need to have filled, but some dental procedures can be costly and invasive. If you’re trying to determine, for example, if a tooth extraction or a root canal is the better choice, you will want a few professional opinions to guide you to the right decision for your well-being.

What to do if you’d like to get a second opinion from us

Think about it, it can’t hurt to ask. Call us at (770) 888-3384 We’ll discuss a consultation for a second opinion.

Questions to ask at your appointment for a second opinion

  • Do I need this dental procedure? Each dentist has unique experiences and beliefs about what dental care is right for a certain situation. One dentist may believe a procedure is necessary while another may consider it to be detrimental to oral health over time. Be careful to avoid choosing a dentist simply because they opt for an easier or less expensive route. Be as impartial as you can so that you can gather the information necessary to make an educated and logical decision about your oral health.
  • Is this the right dentist to perform the procedure? You can trust your dentist and still feel comfortable gathering a second opinion for a major dental procedure. Seek a dental professional who has different skills and experience so that you can decide who is best suited to conduct your procedure. In some cases, the expertise of a combination of dental professionals may be the best choice for your oral health care.
  • Is this the right cost for the dental procedure? Cost should never be the deciding factor when you’re figuring out how to proceed with your dental health. It is important, however, to determine if the price you are being charged is reasonable based on your oral health situation and your Johns Creek-area location. If the estimates you receive differ greatly, try to account for the difference. Are you comparing like procedures with like? Is one dentist giving you a lower rate because they are lacking in experience? Is one price higher because you are paying for a certain level of expertise?
  • Will this repair fix my dental problem once and for all? If you are unsatisfied with the dental care you have received in the past, and you seem to have the same problem repeatedly, seeking a second opinion may also help you find a primary dentist who is a better fit for you. A second opinion may also confirm that your dentist is doing everything right but the nature of your oral health problem is difficult to repair and may need to be addressed multiple times.

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