4 Possible Reasons for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is, quite simply, unbearable. Nevertheless, some people avoid a trip to the dentist because they fear greater pain, are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth, or feel like they can’t afford a repair. These problems are all surmountable. Sedation dentistry will calm you. Your Johns Creek dentist has seen it all so there is no need to be shy about the state of your teeth. And there are always affordable financing options available so you can make your oral health a priority. The most important thing is to determine what’s wrong and treat your tooth pain as soon as possible.

Here are just four possible reasons for tooth pain:

1. Deep Tooth Decay

If you have lingering tooth pain after you’ve eaten, there is a chance that the tooth pulp has been damaged by deep decay or even physical trauma. In situations like these, endodontics – a root canal – may be necessary to save the tooth. This type of treatment usually involves the placement of a porcelain crown to protect the treated tooth and restore the natural appearance of your tooth.

2. Abscessed Tooth

The infection present in an abscessed tooth can cause severe and constant tooth pain. Your gums will also be sensitive, swollen, and the entire area will be incredibly sensitive to touch. The infection in the bone and surrounding tissue will need to be drained, and antibiotics may be prescribed. In more severe cases, a root canal may be necessary, and even a tooth extraction. If your tooth does need to be pulled, a dental implant or porcelain bridge will fill the hole so your smile is not incomplete.

3. Sleep Bruxism

A dull ache in your upper jaw and in your teeth may be a sign of sleep bruxism. If you grind your teeth at night, you may wake every day with a headache. (Though keep in mind that a sinus headache can be felt in the teeth and face.) Quite often, a customized oral appliance can be used to stop your bruxism, prevent you from getting headaches, relieve pressure, and prevent the cracked teeth and gum recession that are possible with severe teeth grinding.

4. Broken Tooth

Cracked teeth and loose or broken fillings can both cause tooth pain when you bite down on foods. (A cavity could also be the culprit behind this tooth pain.) Getting evaluated immediately for this tooth pain is so important. Waiting will make the pain worse – teeth do not repair themselves – and could require more involved repairs. If you see your dentist when the pain begins, you can help prevent greater damage and relieve yourself of the discomfort of tooth pain.

You don’t have to suffer with tooth pain. Remember, sedation dentistry is available if you are apprehensive about a dental visit or fear a procedure. Dr. Mitul Patel can provide you with this kind of pain management before your treatment begins so you can go to “sleep” and wake with a repaired smile. Don’t wait. If you have tooth pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel at Hello Family Dental in Johns Creek.

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