Do You Have Tooth Pain? Get Pain Management with Sedation Dentistry

One of the worst pains you can have is throbbing, aching tooth pain. Even over-the-counter pain medicine won’t make a dent in serious tooth pain. To make matters worse, tooth pain will never go away unless you see your dentist. But sedation dentistry does help. Visiting your dentist because you have tooth pain should not be a scary prospect. No matter what kind of dental repair you need, your dentist has pain management techniques to keep you comfortable.

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You Don’t Have to Endure More Pain to Eliminate Tooth Pain

One of the reasons people avoid the dentist when they have tooth pain is because they’re afraid to find out exactly what the problem is. They don’t want to undergo any invasive procedures, and they certainly don’t want to endure more pain in the process. Thank goodness for modern medicine and effective pain management.

There are a variety of dental pain management options, but patients often choose one of the following:

  • Numb the procedure area: You know what this looks like – the big needle. However, a topical anesthetic is used first to numb the injection area and then the local anesthetic, usually Novocaine, is administered with a needle. This type of pain management is typical for repairing cavities. If you’re the kind of patient who can handle being in the dentist’s chair, seeing the tools, and hearing the noise, but you would rather avoid pain, this is the dental pain management technique for you.
  • Relax in the chair: Laughing gas is a dental pain management option that works as a light form of dental sedation. Instead of making you loopy, as laughing gas is typically portrayed in pop culture, the pain management technique helps you relax so you can get through whatever dental procedure awaits. A small mask is placed over your nose so you inhale the gas and expel it through your mouth. The effects wear off quickly after your procedure so you will be safe to go home alone afterward.
  • Enjoy a light snooze: Oral sedation produces a light or moderate level of sedation. Particularly anxious patients or patients undergoing multiple invasive procedures often do well with oral sedation. A pill is prescribed and taken one hour before the procedure begins. The light sedation makes it possible for you to still respond to your dentist if need be, but sleeping through the entire treatment is a possibility. Recovery time after your procedure is required and you will need an escort to drive you home. Oral sedation is a common request for root canals or tooth extractions.

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Dental Pain Management in Johns Creek

You know what your level of comfort is at the dentist. But if an upcoming procedure is making you worry, talk to your Johns Creek dentist about dental pain management. At Hello Family Dental, Dr. Mitul Patel is specially trained and licensed to administer oral conscious sedative medications. Should you choose this route of pain management, you will be carefully monitored so that you feel comfortable and safe.

It is our goal to provide our patients with painless, stress-free dental experiences, especially when you’re already experiencing tooth pain. Sedation dentistry makes it possible to have an anxiety-free dental experience. Contact us to find out if you are a good candidate. Call immediately if you are experiencing tooth pain of any kind.

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