6 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Smile Makeover

A smile is powerful. Your teeth don’t have to be perfect to have a beautiful smile, but it certainly helps to be proud of the grin you’re bestowing upon someone or revealing for a photo op. If you aren’t happy with how your teeth look, and you don’t smile enough because you’re self-conscious, a smile makeover can be life-altering. You will look better, feel better, and smile more. And that’s a good thing.

Here are just some of the reasons to be thankful for a smile makeover:

1. Increase your happiness.

Feel-good endorphins are real, and every time you smile you boost your dopamine and serotonin levels, which elevates your mood. A built-in ability to feel well, to feel content? Yes, please. Your smile has amazing potential. Make sure your smile reaches your eyes to reflect true happiness for the ultimate benefits. Plus, when you boost your endorphins with a smile, you reap the reward of a natural pain reliever.

2. Enjoy the ultimate sweetener.

Smiling can make you happier than chocolate, according to British researchers. Imagine if you smile and eat chocolate at the same time! (Just be sure to brush and floss after indulging.)

3. Make other people happy.

Smiling is contagious. You can light up a room, ease tension, inject some levity where there is none. A smile, even in the most serious of situations, can help you and others be hopeful, even if there is nothing to really be happy about.

4. Force yourself to be in a better mood.

Keep your chin up, people say. Don’t worry be happy, people say. Believe it or not, thinking positive – or at least smiling – can boost your mood. Deciding to smile, making the conscious decision to put your lips into a smile, can actually make you feel better. And think about the power your smile can have on yourself and others when you know you’re revealing gorgeous teeth.

5. Win people over.

You can make a friend, convince others of your idea, and seem likeable and courteous when you smile. Avoid smiling and you will look like you have something to hide when that isn’t necessarily the case. If you feel like you simply can’t let people see your unsightly teeth, it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry.

6. Improve your image.

Did you know that smiling makes you look more competent, important, and intelligent? Think about it: If you’re making a presentation at work or trying to sell a product or service and your message is accompanied by a smile, you have that much greater a chance of success. Refusing to smile can make you appear nervous, anxious, unkind, or too serious. A person who smiles gives the aura of confidence. If you look like you believe in yourself, others will believe in you and your abilities too.

Choose a Smile Makeover and Be Happy

At a time of year when you are asked to be thankful for the things you have, there is nothing wrong with saying your grateful for your smile. And if you’re not at all thankful for the teeth and gums you have, there is always the opportunity to do something about it.

Consult with your Johns Creek dentist Dr. Mitul Patel at Hello Family Dental to find out what smile makeover solution is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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