Declare Your Independence from Broken-Down Teeth with a Smile Makeover

Hate how your teeth look? Have you ever stopped to think how your broken-down smile is holding you captive? All aspects of your life are affected by how you feel about yourself, and if you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, you’ll experience the waves over and over. Declare your independence from imperfect teeth with a smile makeover.

Replace What’s Missing

If you are missing teeth, that’s a problem. You may see their absence as a detriment to your appearance, but the real issue is with the foundation of your smile. Where there are missing teeth, there are unstimulated areas of the jawbone. Without the all-important tooth roots as placeholders in your smile, your face shape will begin to change.

Missing teeth on the lower jaw, particularly the molars, will eventually become areas that compress and give your mouth a shrunken look. Missing teeth in the top jaw will cause your cheekbones and skin to droop. Both situations age you unnecessarily.

The best solution for missing teeth is dental implants. This surgical procedure is mind-blowing for the people who undergo it and see the amazing results. Not only does the implant replace the critical tooth root, the prosthetic attached to the implant is also permanent – and it looks and feels just like a natural tooth. You’ll forget that you ever had a missing tooth with an implant in place.

If you have multiple missing teeth, several implants can be implanted and a dental bridge or denture can be permanently attached to complete your smile so it is strong and beautiful.

Correct What’s Unsightly

Sometimes you have a tooth that’s unsightly through no fault of your own. It grew in oddly shaped, short, or different than its neighbors. Maybe you had an accident that damaged your tooth. Perhaps you had dental work done on a tooth but, after years of use, it has broken or disintegrated. Whatever the reason for an unsightly tooth, the solution can often be the same – a porcelain crown.

A crown covers the problem tooth, protecting it from further damage and hiding all the bad ways it stands out from the rest of your teeth. Before any tooth will be addressed in this way, however, your Johns Creek dentist will determine if there are any infections or decay that have set in to cause this tooth to be a problem for you. If there is an oral health issue, a root canal or other procedure may be necessary first.

Inlays and onlays, also known as a partial crown, are sometimes used in place of a full porcelain crown, minimizing your cost and the invasiveness of the procedure, but still providing you with a strong, long-lasting dental restoration.

Break Free from Your Broken-Down Smile

True freedom is when you feel 100 percent good about yourself. Even when things aren’t perfect, but you’re feeling strong and proud and brave, you’re free. Gain independence from the attributes that are holding you back from personal, social, and professional success. Get a smile makeover to celebrate your independence from a broken-down smile.

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