Improve Your Social Media Presence with a Smile Makeover

While too much time on social media has been proven to be detrimental to a person’s mental state, being on there for just the right amount of time can be a nice bump for your feel-good hormone, oxytocin. If you’re good at managing the time-suck trap of social media, but you’re still depressed when you scroll through other peoples’ photo updates, it’s time to think about your smile… or the lack thereof.

Are you hesitant to show off your teeth on Instagram or Facebook because they just aren’t good enough for public consumption? Your self-esteem and happiness could be taking an even bigger hit than you realize. A smile makeover can change everything.

The Power of Your Social Media Smile

Humans like to talk about themselves, and never more so than on social media. Being present online offers a way to brag about your life and show off your happiness without feeling any immediate judgment or pressure to read body language and facial cues. And you don’t have to worry about seeing people cringe when they get a look at your stained, crooked, or broken-down teeth.

On social media, you position yourself the way you want to be seen, refining your posts until they’re just right. But your smile can really get in the way of that (unless you’re seriously savvy with photo filters).

Have you ever wondered if you’re not getting as many “Likes” as you want because people are reacting negatively to your teeth? Do you feel unpopular on social media and suspect it’s because of your smile? We depend on others to help us see ourselves, but don’t ever lose sight of the importance of seeing yourself.

Smile: It’s a Selfie Society

We pay attention to faces. Entire apps are built around making our faces look pretty, like a cat, like a deer, you get the idea. Emoji programs allow you to build an attractive, flattering image of yourself – but do you pause when you get to your smile? Do you use this opportunity to present yourself as you wish you could be?

Eyes are automatically drawn to pictures on a page, whether that’s your Facebook profile or the whole of Instagram. We compare ourselves to others. And if you see plenty of friends and acquaintances with super smiles, you’ll feel like less of a champion in your own online photos.

Create Your Real Social Media Image with a Smile Makeover

If your smile has made you insecure on social media, where you can alter things to your liking, then it is no doubt negatively impacting you in real life. But you can do your own real-life photoshop with a smile makeover.

Instead of envying the perfect teeth of others, get your own beautiful smile. You’ll want to increase your face-to-face interactions with people when you feel good. You can boost your feel-good hormones with a professional teeth-whitening treatment to blast away stains, porcelain veneers to correct all your aesthetic complaints about your teeth, Invisalign to straighten your teeth, or restorative dentistry to repair unhealthy and painful teeth.

You are good enough, no matter what awesomeness other people boast about through their photos on social media. You deserve a flawless smile. And, thankfully, there are cosmetic dentists in Johns Creek like Dr. Mitul Patel who can give you that smile. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get the smile makeover you will want to brag about all over social media.

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