A Smile Makeover: The Graduation Gift with the Biggest Impact

If you want to help the graduate in your life create a solid foundation for their future pursuits, give them the gift of a smile makeover. A stunning smile can be the difference between success and failure, confidence and lack of confidence, happiness and sadness. Life isn’t easy, but when you have a good smile and the skills to go with it, you can sell yourself to just about anyone.

Why a Good Smile Matters for Your Job

For nearly every professional, a good smile is an essential part of success. Even if you think your teeth have no bearing on your career because you don’t interact with colleagues or customers or clients, you must still land that job in the first place. And most interviews require face-to-face interaction.

You want to be successful in your chosen line of work, and having a good smile will get you closer to the kind of job you want. If you believe in yourself and your appearance, you’ll be better able to sell your skills and worthiness for a certain position. You may not love the idea that how you look has an impact on your career pursuits, but your appearance does matter – especially your teeth.

Graduates have options and years of successes and failures ahead of them. Don’t allow the low points to happen because of bad teeth.

Don’t Let Your Broken-Down Smile Be a Professional Liability

To put a good smile into perspective, think about how much teeth matter to certain professions:

  • Salesperson: You’re selling something. You’re having a conversation. You’re up-close-and-personal. Whether you’re selling real estate, jewelry, or a three-piece suit. You must believe in yourself and what you’re selling so your target believes the same. Above all, you need a smile that screams, “Trust me on this one. I know what’s best for you. My smile says so.”
  • Teacher: Educators talk to students all day, from large lecture halls to small classrooms to one-on-one sessions. They interact with colleagues. They smile to encourage, compliment, make a point. Bad teeth will distract from the teaching. Good teeth just make the teachings that much more memorable.
  • Hair stylist: Quiet hair salons are difficult to find. Driers and diffusers create white noise. Music is playing. Stylists are making connections with their clients through in-depth conversations and lots of eye contact and smiles. Salons are all about appearance. If you have a stylist with bad teeth you wonder what they might do to your hair.
  • Attorney: The art of persuasion is a must-have for any attorney, whatever kind of law you practice. You make judgments, form opinions, convince others of your strong beliefs. This ultimate white-collar job demands a look that goes with their profession, whether you’re standing before a judge, other attorneys, or clients.

Clerk. Retailer. Politician. Clergyman. Parent. Whatever your profession of choice, how you look plays a part, whether you like it or not. Cosmetic dentistry refreshes smiles with long-lasting procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or tooth bonding.

Give the graduate in your life the flawless smile that will put them on top, help them rise above their peers, and make it possible for them to walk the walk and talk the talk. Schedule your appointment today at Hello Family Dental, serving residents of Johns Creek, Duluth, Alpharetta, Suwanee, and the surrounding areas.

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