Teeth Whitening 101

Can your teeth ever be too white? Maybe. What you don’t want are teeth that are an unnatural shade.  How you approach teeth whitening can be the difference between excellent results, and teeth that are forever marred by improper whitening.

The type of tooth stains you have will impact your teeth whitening options

Tooth stains are typically categorized as one of two forms: intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic stains are deep inside the tooth, and they affect tooth color permanently. The strongest bleaching agents will not be able to make a dent in this discoloration.

Before you invest in over-the-counter whitening products that will not make a difference, see a Johns Creek dentist who will identify the types of stains you have and make the cosmetic dentistry recommendations that will be most effective. Solutions like porcelain veneers can give you the white smile you want while also corrected other aesthetic complaints, like chips, misalignment, and more.

If you have extrinsic stains – those that are on the surface of your teeth and come from years of use – a powerful professional teeth whitening treatment will break up the stain molecules and whiten your teeth tenfold.

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Trendy teeth whitening is not effective

To bypass the cost of store-bought whitening tools or to avoid a visit with your Suwanee cosmetic dentist, you may attempt to whiten your teeth “naturally.” However, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two essential whitening agents needed to give you the best whitening results. Coconut oil, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar just aren’t going to cut it, and the acidity and sweetness could backfire.

Using a little bit of elbow grease to apply strawberries or bentonite clay might remove some plaque accumulation, but these are superficial, short-lived solutions. And, abrasive “whiteners” like charcoal could actually lead to erosion and deterioration of tooth enamel, creating opportunities for tooth decay to settle in as well as sensitivity and blotchy teeth.

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It’s easy to abuse over-the-counter whitening treatments

As we’ve already established, over-the-counter whitening treatments might get the job done, but it won’t last for a very long time, and there is plenty of room for user error. Plus, there is the little problem that some people develop: an addiction to teeth whitening.

It’s pretty satisfying to pull off a whitening strip and see a brighter smile. But then you might think, “These teeth could be even whiter!” and you continue to use the materials. Some people want their teeth to be so white that they continue to whiten and whiten – even against instructions and cautions. In the end, instead of whiter teeth, they have thinned and damaged enamel, created tooth erosion and streaked teeth, and are a candidate for restorative dentistry.

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Your teeth can be whiter in about an hour

Teeth whitening is a treatment that should be conducted by a professional. And, lucky for the adult population, your Duluth area cosmetic dentist offers Zoom! professional teeth whitening that can be completed in about an hour.

The bacteria and food particles caught within your enamel are not only sloughed off, they are demolished with a professional teeth whitening treatment. If you want a brighter smile, go with the oral health specialist you trust. Dr. Mitul Patel is ready to help you achieve the smile makeover you’ve long wanted – and it barely takes any time out of your day. Contact our Johns Creek dental office to schedule your consultation.

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