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Careful tooth extractions for damaged teeth

Teeth extractions are not as simple as a pair of pliers and some tugging. We’re not talking about baby teeth here. Adult teeth have established root systems and are firmly embedded in your gums and jawbone, as they should be. If a tooth needs to be extracted because there is simply no other way to repair it, Hello Family Dental in Suwanee will complete the procedure carefully and methodically to ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned out and ready for a dental implant, porcelain bridge, dentures, or other restorative dentistry solution.

Undergoing a tooth extraction

At Hello Family Dental, a tooth removal is a viable option for severely damaged teeth. Infected teeth that will not respond to root canal therapy or antibiotics must also be extracted to protect your oral health and overall health. Some of the most common afflictions that create a need for tooth extraction include:

  • Trauma
  • Decay
  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Bone fractures
  • Root breakage

While it is certainly not anyone’s idea of a good time to have to deal with any of these oral health issues, the extraction itself – in most cases – is relatively routine, though somewhat involved.

What to expect during a tooth extraction

Even though a problem tooth may be compromised above the surface of the gum, in many cases the root portion of the tooth is firmly situated in its socket and held tightly in place by its ligament. The actual removal of the tooth is a very physical process for the dentist. Before any extraction activity occurs, the patient is given numbing anesthesia to reduce discomfort, though it is still likely that you will feel some pressure during the procedure. You may even hear small breaking noises or snaps as the teeth and bone are shifted and removed.

To remove the tooth, the socket needs to be enlarged by rocking the tooth back and forth so the tooth can be loosened and separated from its ligament. While the explanation is simple, the act of extraction is an involved process. Extraction forceps are needed to grasp the tooth, and levers are used to help move the tooth around.

Once the tooth has been completely extracted, your dentist will close the surgical site, remove any infected tissues, wash out the socket, and ensure that no bone or tooth fragments remain. Your dentist will conduct several measures to assist in blood clot formation and to reduce the possibility of prolonged bleeding or swelling.

Patients who undergo an extraction are given careful instructions for caring for the extraction site in the hours and days following the procedure to promote proper healing and minimize any complications.

Available options for replacing missing teeth

Once a tooth has been extracted, and the extraction site has completely healed, you will want to replace the tooth so that the strength of your jawbone and the shape of your face are not compromised. At Hello Family Dental in Suwanee, we offer several options for restoration, including:

  • Dental implants: Fast becoming the go-to restoration solution after tooth extractions, dental implants are made of two parts – the manmade root, and the prosthetic tooth. The stability of dental implants is very attractive, but so is the functionality they allow – replacement teeth feel just like natural teeth, and look like them too. Most importantly, the implant supports the jawbone where your original tooth was extracted so that face shape and jaw health is not compromised.
  • Full dentures: The extraction of all teeth means the replacement of all teeth. While dental implants may be the desirable option, they may not be the most economical. Thankfully, modern dentures can be the solution to your altered appearance. Natural-looking and easier to wear than ever before, dentures restore your smile comfortably and in a non-invasive manner.
  • Partial dentures: When one or several teeth are extracted, a partial denture can take their place. Comprised of a dental bridge and crowns which serve as anchors, the partial denture can be fixed in place or made to be removable.

Your friendly, welcoming dentist will go over all the restorative dentistry options that are available post-extraction. The nature of your tooth problems and the type of extraction may determine what restorations are a possible solution for you.

Sedation dentistry makes teeth extraction very comfortable

Because extraction is a relatively invasive process, and because it can ramp up the anxiety of more sensitive dental patients, sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation, make enduring the procedure far more tolerable.

Teeth that are damaged beyond repair must be extracted to save patients from pain and to prevent more serious dental health issues. Dr. Mitul Patel and his team at Hello Family Dental in Suwanee, near Duluth and Johns Creek, are prepared to make your tooth extractions as comfortable as possible. Learn more about extractions and restorative dentistry solutions by visiting us at our Suwanee office. We serve all North Atlanta communities at our Suwanee dental office. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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