Ask Your Johns Creek Dentist to Fix Your Bad Veneers

A smile makeover should bring you joy. When it’s complete, you should have flawless, natural-looking teeth that look and work beautifully. Unfortunately, some people have the bad fortune of winding up with less-than-perfect veneers. Whether the dentist they chose underperformed or overpromised, when the results aren’t great it’s devastating. The good news? With help from the right Johns Creek cosmetic dentist, those bad veneers can be repaired.

Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist to Fix Another Dentist’s Mistakes

You don’t have to live with bad porcelain veneers. If the cosmetic dentist who changed your teeth didn’t have the proper experience or expertise, the right Johns Creek dentist is there waiting with the necessary credentials to fix the mistakes.

Even if you feel more embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile now than you did before your veneer procedure, it is still possible to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Veneer Mistakes Cosmetic Dentists Can Make

Creating porcelain veneers for a patient is a miniature art form. It takes time, vision, and a meticulous hand to first design the veneers and then place them properly. The work must be precise. Here are some of the common porcelain veneer mistakes that inexperienced cosmetic dentists can make (and your Johns Creek cosmetic dentist can fix).

  • Veneers are the wrong color. You and your cosmetic dentist should spend a lot of time before your procedure debating about the shade of your veneers. You want your teeth to be white, but they shouldn’t be mega-white. You want them to look flawless, but not fake. The right veneers are not flat white or dull. The color of your natural teeth as well as your skin color must be considered to get the veneers color just right and make sure the translucency – the element that reflects light – is spot-on.
  • Veneers are too big. You don’t want horse teeth. You don’t want teeth that are bulky, thick, or look like large pieces of gum. A result like this is a sign of poorly edited veneers that were not carefully calibrated in size and shape so they flatter your face and overall appearance.
  • Veneers are badly attached. In some cases, people have good veneer design, but they receive poor veneer application. Teeth must be properly prepped to make room for the veneers. And, if veneers are not bonded to the teeth properly, this can affect the appearance of the veneers but also make a person susceptible to oral health problems, like decay or infection.

Get the Right Johns Creek Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mitul Patel often finds himself tasked with repairing another cosmetic dentist’s mistakes, not just aesthetic issues but a procedure that was done so badly it could damage a person’s teeth and gums permanently.

Special instruction, practice, and care is necessary to create successful smile makeovers. Porcelain veneers are customized to the person, and this task is not something that just any dentist can do. If you are unhappy with veneers or any type of cosmetic dentistry you received from another dentist, schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel so you can get the smile makeover you want and deserve from an experienced and gentle Johns Creek dentist.

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