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Dental Cleanings in Suwanee

Visiting your dentist every six months for a professional dental cleaning and exam may seem redundant. After all, you brush and floss daily. (You do, don’t you?) If you’re doubting the necessity of regular checkups with your dentist, here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • Your teeth aren’t self-cleaning. Yes, you have plenty of saliva in your mouth, and you drink water every day. But these factors are not enough to keep your mouth clean. After all, your saliva, though it washes over your teeth all day long, is also peppered with bacteria, and it floats around the debris left behind from the foods and drinks you eat.
  • Hello Family Dental’s talented dental team can see things you never will. From periodontal disease to gum recession, cavities to deteriorating tooth restorations, a dental exam ensures that your teeth and gums are in excellent condition. And, if they’re not, the problems that exist or are beginning to show themselves can be taken care of quickly before they turn into abscesses, infections, or loose teeth.
  • Your dentist has the tools to scour your teeth. Think of a dental cleaning like this: You could wipe down your sink with a paper towel and some soap and it will be clean on the surface, but you know you could be more thorough; you know you should be more thorough because the germs and build-up are still there. Cleaning your teeth is the same – you can brush with toothpaste and use mouthwash too. Your teeth will look clean and feel clean, but deep down? Those teeth still need a meticulous professional cleaning to clear away bacteria and plaque.
  • You will be a better cosmetic dentistry candidate with clean teeth. Your friendly dentist at Hello Family Dental will be delighted to carry out aesthetic enhancements to give you a unique, customized smile makeover. However, it’s essential that your oral health is in good condition first. Instead of waiting until your teeth have deteriorated to get the smile upgrades you’ve always wanted, don’t neglect your oral health. Dental cleaning and checkup ensures that your mouth and gums are strong and healthy – and prepared for any sort of cosmetic dentistry you desire.

Regular dental exams maximize your oral health. Plus, good oral health means you will not have complications with your overall health because of tooth or gum problems. Inflammation, excessive bacteria, silver fillings – any of these factors can compromise your well-being. Why take a chance on good health when all you need to do is keep up with preventive care at home and at Hello Family Dental?

What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exam

Thoroughness is key to a good dental cleaning and checkup. One of our talented dental hygienists at Hello Family Dental, a family and cosmetic dental office in Suwanee, GA, will have the privilege of thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, while also answering any questions you may have about preventive dental care.

Your hygienist’s goal is not only to clean your teeth but to educate you on the most important basics of oral health care, from the type of toothbrush you should use to how hard you brush your teeth to the best kind of dental floss.

When Dr. Patel visits with you during your appointment, they will thoroughly evaluate the health of your mouth. This exam also includes an oral cancer screening. Quite often, the signs of oral cancer are hard to spot, but an experienced dentist is aware of the warnings and symptoms that may be lurking.

Usually, once a year, depending on your dental insurance and/or oral health needs, you may have x-rays taken of your mouth. A state-of-the-art, low-radiation digital x-ray system is used to gather this important information. Dr. Patel will carefully review the results of your exam and, if necessary, go over your diagnoses and present any recommended treatment plans.

X-rays and a dental exam and teeth cleaning are also important if you have decided you are interested in undergoing any cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your oral health must be in good condition to provide a strong and secure foundation for any upgrades to your smile.

Is it Time for Your Dental Cleaning and Checkup?

Dr. Mitul Patel and his team at Hello Family Dental in Suwanee, which is right next to Johns Creek, provide dental cleanings and exams for the entire family. From parents to kids to grandparents, comprehensive dental care is an essential part of every person’s overall health and well-being. Located in Suwanee and serving all North Atlanta communities, your local Suwanee dental practice makes your oral health and comfort our first priorities. We want to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful, fully functional smile for life. Contact us today to schedule your teeth cleaning and exam.

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