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Secure Missing Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants in Suwanee

Are you missing one or more teeth? Whether the holes in your smile were caused by an accident, fall, sports injury, gum disease, or otherwise, you don’t have to live with an imperfect smile. Dental implants are the long-lasting, natural-looking way to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are the permanent alternative to dentures

If you are missing several teeth or an entire arch of teeth, you may drag your feet about going to the dentist because you dread the idea of wearing dentures. Would you really rather walk around with many teeth missing from your smile than have a smile that’s complete and attractive? If you knew that you wouldn’t have to resort to dentures, would you see your dentist as fast as possible?

There are many reasons dentures are unappealing, all understandable. Dentures don’t have the best reputation for staying in place or looking natural. Maybe you’ve even seen a grandparent or parent deal with the discomfort of dentures and the necessary upkeep. But dentures do get the job done and, for some people, they provide them with a smile and a set of teeth they might otherwise never have.

However, what if there were a better option? Dental implants are the restorative dentistry solution that will keep your oral health in exceptional condition. When teeth are missing, or when teeth are damaged enough to require extraction, dental implants are used to replace the natural tooth root. This procedure stimulates the jawbone and allows the implant to settle comfortably and securely in place to give you a secure and fully functional set of teeth. No dentures. No adhesives are necessary.

Your Guide to the Dental Implant Procedure in Suwanee

The dental implant procedure typically takes place in two parts. First, the implants are surgically implanted in the jawbone. The implant itself is a small man-made root that is anchored in place of the missing tooth’s root. Second, the titanium post is attached to the implant and the custom-made prosthetic tooth is attached to the implant. The prosthesis will be color-matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth so that the implant will look completely natural and indistinguishable from your original teeth. Several weeks will elapse in between the two procedures in order to allow the jaw and incision area to heal and to allow the implant to integrate properly and fuse to the jawbone.

It is necessary to have good, strong bone density in your jaws to be a successful dental implant candidate. But once your dentist has cleared you for this popular and effective restorative dentistry procedure, you will never regret your choice to get implants. The implants do not require any special maintenance or upkeep other than daily brushing and flossing and twice-annual visits to your Suwanee dentist.

Exploring the Benefits of Dental Implants with Hello Family Dental

Certainly, there are many restorative dentistry procedures that may be viable options for solving whatever oral health problem you’re experiencing. A severely cracked or broken tooth may do well with a porcelain crown, for example. But when dental implants are an option, sometimes starting from scratch is the best path to take.

Dental implants provide:

  • Security: There is nothing worse as a denture-wearer than having teeth that make you mumble or move out of place without any notice. Dental implants are secure. Once implanted surgically in the jawbone, those implants aren’t going anywhere. You can trust that your beautiful smile and teeth will always be solidly in place so you can eat and speak with confidence.
  • Comfort: Once in place, implants feel natural and comfortable. No one else will know that you aren’t sporting your natural teeth, and you will get used to the implants so quickly you’ll forget that you even have them.
  • Better oral health: When all of your teeth are in good condition, it’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Having no concerns about brushing and flossing and seeing the dentist should mean that your oral health is in great condition. Plus, when your teeth work well, there are no excuses about eliminating chewy proteins or crunchy fruits and veggies from your diet – so your overall health and well-being should be improved too.
  • Younger-looking appearance: When you reach a certain age, you are more than happy to find a solution that makes you look younger than you actually are. Dental implants fit the bill. If you’ve lived with missing teeth for any period of time, especially missing molars, you have no doubt noticed some changes to the shape of your face. A hollow look or sagging skin is a side effect of missing teeth when there is no stimulated jawbone there to support the cheeks. Dental implants enhance facial tissues to counteract this sunken-in appearance.
  • Improved functionality: Dental implants give you the freedom to eat whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what you’re craving, dental implants are so securely in place that they’re not going anywhere. Plus, implants make it possible for you to chew your food more thoroughly, which leads to highly improved digestion.
  • Stronger adjacent teeth: Whenever one tooth is missing, nearby teeth are in jeopardy and could be lost as well. Dental implants eliminate the risk of greater oral health problems by filling in the hole in your smile and reconnecting the major parts and pieces of your oral health.
  • Renewed self-confidence: Let’s face it, teeth are important. They help you make a first impression, and without a stellar smile, you could very well be remembered for your broken-down smile. Reflect your confidence and station in life accurately with dental implants. You will have a natural-looking smile that gives you the ability to speak up in a meeting, enjoy a first date, or give a presentation in front of colleagues.

Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants

The dental implant process begins with a complete consultation with your implant dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. It does not matter how old or young you may be. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you can be considered for dental implants.

The patient assessment will include reviewing your oral health history and medical history. X-rays, an impression of your teeth, and 3D scans of your mouth will be taken in order to evaluate the strength and position of your jawbone, gum tissue, and spacing around your teeth.

Quite often, missing teeth are the result of gum disease which, in its advanced stages, makes teeth begin to loosen and fall out. If this problem exists, it will need to be treated first to ensure that your mouth is healthy enough to handle dental implants and that the foundation for implants is there.

If you are missing one or more teeth, or if you have dental implants that need to be restored or replaced, contact Hello Family Dental in Suwanee to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mitul Patel. A board-certified Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Patel is experienced in the placement, repair, and restoration of dental implants.

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