4 Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening remains a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment because it’s fast and it works. When you have teeth that can be whitened, this is one choice you’ll never regret making. White teeth help you look healthier and happier, and they brighten up your entire appearance. Find out the basics about teeth whitening and whether you might be a good candidate for this smile makeover.

1. Your teeth don’t have to be perfect.

Many people opt for teeth whitening in lieu of any other cosmetic dentistry treatments because they want to spruce up their smile quickly and effectively and know that whitening works. Your teeth don’t have to be perfectly aligned and, in fact, a whitening treatment can make imperfect teeth look so good that they masquerade as just right.

2. There are different teeth whitening options.

Professional teeth whitening comes in different shapes and sizes. Some patients prefer ZOOM Whitening, the one-hour, in-office whitening treatment that gets you back into your day speedily, just with a brighter smile. There are also take-home teeth-whitening trays for patients who like the idea of whitening their teeth in the privacy of their own home on their own time. This method of whitening takes longer, but it’s just as effective.

3. Professional teeth whitening is powerful.

Why go to your Johns Creek dentist for teeth whitening when you can go to the oral health care aisle at the local pharmacy and pick up some whitening strips or whitening toothpaste? Simple. Professional teeth whitening actually works – and it lasts. Over-the-counter whitening products are not guaranteed, and they’re imprecise. Many patients suffer from gum irritation because of gels or trays that aren’t customized to their teeth. Some teeth show effects of whitening while others do not. And some methods simply don’t get the job done.

Whitening at your dentist’s office involves powerful bleaching products that are not sold in stores. The whitening technique blasts through deep-down stains, protecting your sensitive gums in the process, and doesn’t just slough off surface stains like over-the-counter products. If you’re going to invest in your teeth, invest in a whitening treatment that offers results.

4. Not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening.

You want whiter teeth, and you can absolutely have them. The only question is: What’s the best cosmetic dentistry treatment to get you those white teeth? Some teeth aren’t stained or discolored because of use and age, but because the color of their teeth is simply part of their DNA. Naturally yellowish teeth may have thin tooth enamel that allows the dentin underneath to influence tooth color – teeth whitening cannot make a dent in this characteristic.

Then there are the side effects of things like tetracycline staining, smoking, and aging – tooth enamel discoloration in these circumstances cannot always be reversed by teeth whitening. For patients who have teeth that cannot be whitened, your dentist will discuss other smile makeover options that can give you those coveted white teeth, like porcelain veneers or cosmetic tooth bonding.

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