Is Gum Disease Lurking in Your Mouth?

Close to half of all adults in the United States over the age of 30 are living with some form of gum disease – and plenty of them don’t even know it. The early stages of gum disease can be difficult to identify if you’re not looking for them, but it’s a problem that you never want to overlook.

Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory condition and a painful problem that also threatens the solidity of tooth and bone. Learn how to recognize the signs of gum disease and protect yourself from the oral health problems associated with it.

Stop Gum Disease Before It Gets Too Far

There are many stages of gum disease, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. At the most advanced stage of periodontal disease, tooth loss is very likely. At the earliest stage, problems may not be so obvious – at least not to the untrained eye. People who maintain their twice yearly cleanings and checkups at their Johns Creek dentist will be evaluated at every visit for gum disease, protecting themselves and their teeth in the process.

If you suspect you have gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, look out for symptoms like swollen, red gums, as well as bleeding gums, irritation, tooth sensitivity, and tenderness. When these conditions begin to appear, it’s your body’s way of alerting you to an overload of bacteria. You can undergo gum disease treatment to protect your teeth from the development of an even more serious condition.

Periodontal disease at its worst involves the gums pulling away from the teeth, the deterioration of gum tissue, bone loss, and, eventually, tooth loss. Before you freak out – know this: Gum disease progresses slowly. If you keep up with your at-home oral health care and see your dentist regularly, you can avoid gum disease entirely.

Treatment for Gum Disease

All gum disease can be effectively treated. It won’t be the most fun you ever had at the dentist, but eliminating the harmful bacteria from your mouth is necessary to restore oral health and protect your teeth. Once gum disease has set in, you can’t simply brush it away.

There are a few different treatments that can address gingivitis and periodontitis. Scaling and root planing are the most common fixes. These methods meticulously clean and sanitize the infected surface of the tooth and root. It may take a few visits to your Johns Creek dentist to thoroughly complete treatment.

Laser gum therapy, also known as LANAP, is a minimally invasive but incredibly effective gum disease treatment that addresses moderate to severe gum disease. It’s also the only laser treatment for gum disease that promotes periodontal regeneration, the reattachment of gum tissues and new bone growth.

The Realities of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious oral health problem. People who don’t see their dentist and allow this problem to fester will eventually lose their teeth. It is possible, however, to come back from unhealthy gums, no matter how bad the periodontal disease. Once your mouth has been carefully and thoroughly cleaned, any tooth loss can be corrected through dental implants, permanent restorations that stimulate the jawbone and fill the holes in your smile.

Ideally, you never get so far as to need tooth replacement. If you suspect gingivitis or another oral health problem, see your Johns Creek dentist immediately. Contact Hello Family Dental to schedule an appointment.

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